Keep you eye on the road.
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Thread: Keep you eye on the road.

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    Senior Member elime's Avatar
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    Keep you eye on the road.

    I guess I can put this under "adventure riding".

    I was on my way home and some lady whips a u-turn in front of me. Good thing I was paying attention! Funny thing, there was no one behind me and if she had let me pass no one would have been inconvenienced.

    Long live the internal combustion engine!

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    Senior Member admiral's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    Frosty Hollow
    One Delta Ten Tango she is! (Idiot).

    I'll assume your temperature went up just a tad. ...and I ain't talk'in 'bout the the TW engine temp!
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    Senior Member evan's Avatar
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    LOL, that would have been my response....
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    I'm glad you didn't let her off the hook - maybe she'll think twice before doing it again.

    Glad you were on your toes, and nothing really bad happened.

    I agree, your advice to keep your eye on the road is excellent advice.
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    Senior Member plumbstraight's Avatar
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    If the plate is clear, stop by the local folks and let them send her an expensive note.

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    Senior Member Hoot Gibson's Avatar
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    Dec 2013
    Grand Lake Ohio
    And this is why I try to avoid road traffic, or make sure I'm only traveling 40 mph or less if I can help it......Bat Shit Crazy Drivers...mostly women under 40 and old men....
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    Senior Member 50short's Avatar
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    Sometimes I wonder how people make it through life. I mean, she actually made a conscious decision to make a random uturn on a crowded, winding, two-lane and, in her mind, thought it was perfectly okay! She thought to herself "Hey, I'm gonna turn around. Right f'ing now."

    Unbelievable. I'm glad you're okay.
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    Senior Member DonBenito's Avatar
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    The stupidity of cagers knows no bounds!

    And sorry Hoot, but commuting across town every day for two years I've found that moronic driving habits cross all gender, age, and ethnic groups. I reluctantly was forced to interrupt a septuagenarian woman's cell phone conversation with my horn as she encroached a good 18" into my lane just this afternoon.

    Last week I was dodging the same Isuzu Rodeo three mornings in a row, piloted by a 20ish latino male. I haven't seen car nor driver since, so I can only imagine that physics and that particular motorist came to some kind of understanding.

    Of course somewhere in the Old Pueblo, somebody is bitching about a motorcyclist that I might recognize!
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    Senior Member old white truck's Avatar
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    Glad you and you and your bike are OK.

    Good thing you were paying attention.

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    Senior Member Fred's Avatar
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    Turtle Wrangling the Sierras
    Well done Tony! Good test of your repaired brake lever I bet. And no rear brake squeal either. Glad you survived another day.

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