Creek Crossings on the Forth
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Thread: Creek Crossings on the Forth

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    Creek Crossings on the Forth

    Some better creek crossings and a extremely rare "Ooops" by Adam some 30 miles or so into our ride. Creek flows out of Lower Blue Lake and Jeep road continues as a corridor through Mokulumane Wilderness to Hermit Valley, Hwy 4
    Crystal clear water and boulder garden roads set the theme. I remembered the road being smoother when i fished and camped here as a kid with my father. We had no problems with stock CJ-5 and FJ-40s that would have a difficult time today due to erosion.
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    Blue sky, refreshing water, looks good to me! Sound track reminds me of a 1970's cop theme music. I chuckled!
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    Fred, nice video and creek crossings. Makes me think we need to investigate that area for one of our upcoming group rides? Probably cooler than Red Bluff this time of the year.
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    Josh, I think we need to abduct Fred and not release him until he leads us on one of his adventures. I was thinking a coastal ride while it is hot, but seeing the creek crossings, well we need to ride the high country. Watch out for JoeBand when crossing creeks!

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    Geez Fred, you go some awesome places! Just want to say thanks so much for the videos and pics. They are the best!!
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    I think you guys would really enjoy a romp in the sierras. Temperatures are cooler the higher one gets, most alpine lakes still have high water levels but most creeks are reduced to trickles. We could splash this one below Blue Lakes repeadedly though and terrorize the trout like Adam and I did.
    A group ride is a great idea, we are already contemplating something to help break in evan's new Duro ATV tire anyways.
    Not many restaurants, hotels or un-reserved campgrounds near trailheads so logistics need a little work. I can help some as well as plan and guide ride. For example this last ride could have folks stay at Blue Lakes campground like Joeband a few weeks ago, or resorts within an hour's drive, or primative site camping, or motel in foothills , Tahoe, Carson City or Reno areas. Adam and I ferried our bikes from Reno and took about a1.5 hr scenic drive.
    If serious P.M. me or start a Post. Tolerance for rough rocky roads is usually needed but a slightly milder ride can be arranged. I can even host a herd at my place.
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    i crossed that creek in 1980-81 in an FJ55.... the water was much higher, no drought then!
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