The Mighty Wabash River
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Thread: The Mighty Wabash River

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    The Mighty Wabash River

    Tooled the few miles across the Indiana border from western Ohio yesterday to Amish Country...even though it's just a stone's toss away from my town, the roads and culture are completely different...lots of winding gravel roads, some abutting the Wabash River as it wanders from it's starting point in far west central Ohio into east central Indiana.....

    Lake, Wabash, and Linn Grove 016.JPG

    Plenty to see and just take in the history...Old School Houses, Township Buildings, etc, still standing, some in full others like this one in Adams County, Hartford Township....

    The Wabash itself was a muddy emerald greenish color, and was lower than it had been in weeks, as the water from the wet spring drops from the April highs...

    Lake, Wabash, and Linn Grove 026.JPGLake, Wabash, and Linn Grove 021.JPG

    I eventually ended up in the berg of Linn Grove, population 25-30...where I talked to a couple of guys and one man's young daughter about the elevator complete with drive through and living quarters, 8 metal grain storage silos, and 2 acres, for sale for $27,000....Hell I might offer them $20 grand and turn it into a living quarters and summer camp, for fishing the Wabash which lies just a couple thousand feed beyond the town....!2e0

    A great ride, and much more to explore near my next door neighbors in the Hoosier State
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    Amazing difference in the value of real estate by region. Location, location, location.
    Sounds like a good retirement property. Pretty pics there Hoot.
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    Great pics!....looks muggy, something I don't often feel out here in the desert.
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