Video - TW200 Dowhill Fall Traps Leg under bike..
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Thread: Video - TW200 Dowhill Fall Traps Leg under bike..

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    Video - TW200 Downhill Fall Traps Leg under bike..

    ..Its that hill again.. I almost made it!.. I don't know if that stick I picked up in the front spokes was the culprit or not..? It seemed kind of small, but that's deep sand and it doesn't take much to lock it up.. + the GoPro doesn't exactly catch the actual angle of that hill, but its steep..
    Anyway, watch me get trapped under my bike for a short time..
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    Watch out!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scotts View Post
    ..................the GoPro doesn't exactly catch the actual angle of that hill, but its steep...........................
    I have noticed that on mine and other videos plus it always looks worse when you are up high looking down. (Not so bad from the bottom looking up.) Sand can be challenging. Overall, well done!
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    That video reminds me why I use my TW off road. Can you imagine getting stuck under a larger, heavier bike?

    I have been enjoying your videos. Thanks for sharing.
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    I have resembled your "trapedness" before. While it wasn't as steep, it was still difficult to get out from under the TW. In my case my foot was twisted reward, which added a degree of difficulty. I am glad the TW is as light as it is or we would probably be trapped longer.
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    That looks pretty damn steep even on video!
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    It looks very steep when your on the top! good video!
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    .I have to admire your perseverance on that steep hill, especially with the stock tires. I would blame the stick through the spokes.
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    Ok. I was going to keep my mouth shut now I am starting to feel guilty about not sharing. Sunday morning I jumped on the bike to travel to town for my daily "Monster energy drink" and my son was in the front yard playing with his new baseball bat and the new ball he got from the Pirates game last week. Me and him have this "thing" we have been doing for years where i dart after him like I am going to run him over and he playfully throws his hands in the air and runs away screaming bloody murder. Well I ride down off the side of the driveway into our front yard and head towards him about 10 to 15mph and he does his thing hands up running and screaming THEN he changes direction and darts directly in front of me again!!!! Wet grass, a fistful of brake, and gravity all come together and in an honest to God NANO second I am face down on my front lawn! As I look up I see the most terrified look on my son's face and he is slowly and quietly repeating over and over again "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry". What could I do? I started laughing and explaining to him that he had nothing to be sorry for as he is an 11 year old boy and I am a 43 year old man. He settles down after a minute or two of my joking and telling him everything is fine, looks me square in the eye's and say's "REALLY YOU SHOULD BE OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER!" I just picked the bike up "it had a freshly bent brake lever now" and rode it back up the driveway to the garage for a quick inspection. I bent the brake lever back in line and the bracket that holds the front cowl and Jimbo shield too. No other damage other than a bruise on the top of my foot I have no idea how I got that and was wearing work boots.

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    "out of the mouth of babes" ....
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