Backroads USA (and Canada).
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Thread: Backroads USA (and Canada).

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    Smile Backroads USA (and Canada).

    Two TW200s, with two Aussies aboard, meandering around the USA (and Canada) for a few months.....

    Background story:

    Background story can be found here: Come see the Americas, with two or three nongs! - ADVrider or I can give you the story here, super quick.

    We're two Australians, who took the plunge and quit work for a year to go riding. We left Australia in late December 2013, and then spent 6 months in South America, about 5.5 of which were on 125cc bikes. In early July, we flew to the USA and bought two TW200s, from forum member GaryL, after posting in the classified section if anyone had hints on how to get two TWs.......

    I sold my '93 TW in 2013, before the trip. Here it was.

    So, that's a condensed version of the back-story – now, we travel the USA (and Canada) for a few months aboard TWs! Cool, huh?

    I always liked this forum, and thought I would share our exploits with other TW fans. This forum gave us ideas on where to go, and has also lead us to some outstanding people. My replies may be delayed, as it's only possible to respond on our computer when we've found WiFi.

    Here goes the ride report...........

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    Looking forward to this!

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    Popcorn? check. Full battery on computer? check. Dog's fed and watered? check.

    Proceed please!


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    Thank you sir, may I have more?
    Only a fool would attempt it, and God help me, I am that fool!

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    Thank you!~ We all want to know how your trip goes! We'll look every day, so keep the ride reports coming as best as you can!
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    So, we flew into NY, and immediately caught a bus out of it. $200 for a average hotel? Not a chance. We bussed straight to where we were picking up our new rides; a great guy called Gary.

    Gary, and his mate Dave made sure we had the best possible start to our trip. How was it the best possible start you ask? Well, there were TWs.......

    Gun shooting. Shooting an old shotgun was quite the kick.


    Whilst kayaking, we saw an eagle's nest.

    Gary's dog, Goldie, was a legend.

    They fattened us up a little; lobster, venison etc.

    Quad bike rides.

    Dave even lent us his Sprint 1050 for a day ride.

    Dave let us stay at his camp.

    Gary also drove me to Vermont, where we could register the bikes easily as foreigners. Gary, Mary-Jo and Dave, thank you.

    The next day, fully-loaded, at around 2pm we left, in an uncertain direction.

    Up into the Catskill Mountains we went. So much green.

    We passed a bunch of Jewish folks, living in what looked like communes with big beards and sometimes curly sideburn-hair. We hadn't seen folks like that before.

    First things we noticed: lawns are generally immaculate, people were extremely polite, people have turn signals and brake lights and they generally use them/work, most houses don't have front fences, street signs are plentiful and again people are friendly (helps when we can now speak the language).

    Not sure if this monster is a house or a castle.

    We were still running the same set-up as in South America, but the Giant Loop doesn't work as well on these bikes due to their width and rear rack.

    We pulled off the road in the Catskills and found an area we could camp. Lovely spot, if it wasn't for the mosquitoes.

    We don't know much about bears, except that they're around and you don't want them in your tent so you hang your food. This was our first time doing this, and was quite tricky.

    We then conducted a simulated 'hungry bear' scene, and deemed the bag positioning to be ok.

    To be honest, when I woke a few times and heard noises that night, I was always shit-scared that it was a bear and we had left a corn flake or something small somewhere in the tent and big-bear was on his way to get it........but, nothing happened and our tucker was untouched.

    We headed towards Vermont, always seeking backroads. Without a GPS, there was much guesswork and quite often we got a little lost.

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    We planned to camp most nights for the next few months; still, we were surprised at the going rate for 30x30 foot of dirt and a shower.

    Is this the type of car which is in the movie 'Gran Torino'? It's a beauty.

    Into Vermont, we went north almost as far as Burlington and stopped for the night. We did a quick brewery tour, visiting three in a day. Strangely, state laws don't seem to allow you to buy, and drink beers, on premises; samples only which was a shame. But, drinking on next door's lawn wasn't a problem.

    So, we crossed back into NY and into the Adirondacks.

    The riding there was great. Either sweeping bitumen corners with green forest surrounding, or sweeping dirt roads with green forest surrounding

    We had 12psi in the tyres and these things gripped pretty well - yee har!

    Dave's brother was building a house up there, and he too let us stay. When we said we would prop up our tent, he invited us to stay in the caravan, which was nice.

    We stayed a couple of nights. Again, we found a nice brewery, a lake to go swimming and Kath spent some time relaxing.

    We were initially going to head to Maine, but after thinking about how slow we travel, and that we want to see the Rockies, we decided to start heading west..........

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    Looks like great hospitality, beautiful pictures, and a hell of a trip! I'll have to make it up that direction one of these days. Thanks for sharing the adventure.
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    What brand tent is that you are using? I have similar models but none that short.


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    I have been waiting for this report keep it coming and if you finish around Texas a guy is looking for two TW's to buy cash.

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