Josh's Rubicon Mud Hole Video
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Thread: Josh's Rubicon Mud Hole Video

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    Josh's Rubicon Mud Hole Video

    I shouldn't tease Josh since he is such a superb rider off road. He'll probably use me for traction on the next ride for showing but I can't resist. Part of the video catches a mud hole on the Rubicon Ride that grabbed Josh's bike and just wouldn't let go. We were on way back from Parking Lot in Sky and were all getting a good workout. Hiding in dark water was something serious enough to stop that churning BigHorn2

    I had a good day but totally forgot everyone else had not had time to acclimate to 7,000 ft + elevation after leaving sea level. It makes a difference. No wonder everyone slept well that night.
    I thought I had trimmed video at 3 minutes for the mud hole, thus the title. Somehow I loaded 8 minutes full raw clip. Oh well, shows more of moderate Rubicon terrain. Other sections can seem significantly more challenging . Enjoy, I found more clips exported from camera into obscure part of laptop memory so I will try to figure how to process and post more.
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    That was pretty good.
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    You guys make it look so easy....
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    That is a rough guys worked it great!

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    Nice to know there is a road worse than the buffalo hump road!
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    Thanks for sharing the fun - love the videos! There are 2 kinds of TW riders - those who have got their TW's stuck, and those who will get their TW stuck.
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    Glad that Fred passed me while filming. I kept putting down my feet and was getting quite tired and sweating away! I would like trying to tackle the entire trail when its a lot cooler....and maybe use an old helmet that I don't care about sweating away in....
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    I passed all you Sea Level FlatLanders! Or maybe you just let me by since I knew the way home to the cold beer. Come back up and breathe some nice pure rarefied mountain air, acclimation is the answer.
    B-dub is so correct, I have had my TW stuck many a time. So much more safe and relaxing now to ride with a buddy or two or six to help get unstuck. I have also turned around more than a few times while alone quoting "better safe than sorry". But not every time...
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