Scott Mountain Road
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Thread: Scott Mountain Road

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    Scott Mountain Road

    20 min low camera angle vid, but some nice side views of the beautiful country.
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    I haven't been up on Scott Mtn road for many many years. With all the warnings, I was surprised to see a pickup camper pulling a boat and the other jet ski's towards the Banks to Lowman highway. Last time I was on the road, it was still pretty narrow down near the highway. Dangerous with just a vehicle as I wouldn't want to meet another vehicle in this portion of the road. Not to mention it gets even more tricky pulling a trailer, of any kind, and having to meet another vehicle.

    What was the first area you stopped at, which at first I thought was the lookout, but wasn't? Telecommunications structures? Also, what did the brown sign say in the saddle area just before reaching the lookout gate? I couldn't read it. To bad about the closed gates on these lookouts. I know the lookouts deserve privacy, just disappointed they are closed off. There are geocaches and both Scott and Deadwood lookouts, which appear to be blocked off now. Also, what did the notes say at the gate to Scott Mtn Lookout? Road off to the left to the artesian well reminds me of a similar road off to the left at Jackson Peak lookout.
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    Admiral, I too was surprised as the road gets more difficult and narrower further down. Ranger said last week a vehicle pulling a boat or trailer got jackknifed, stuck and caused major problems.

    At first I too thought the communications building might be the L.O.

    The sign where I stopped and looked over, listed Onion Valley Trail (hiking only I surmise).

    Sign at L.O. said: Administrative Site, Authorized Personnel Only.

    Maybe the geocaches are outside the gates. Plus that lower road may lead to the M/C only trail from Scott Mtn over to roads leading to Crouch or the Bald Mtn areas.

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