Cross Kansas road trip
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Thread: Cross Kansas road trip

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    Cross Kansas road trip

    I am going to be driving from Colorado Springs to Missouri this weekend. A thought crossed my mind..... Why not camp and save money on motels? Since it is a three day weekend and I am not pressed for time I will be spending two nights. I am looking for campsites with showers or near a truckstop with showers. I would prefer to stay at some national and state parks. It would be great if I could do some hiking or fishing. You guys have any suggestions?

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    Having lived in Dodge City in the early to Nebraska and Oklahoma I can't think of any more boring states to cross while riding or driving....don't get me wrong, love the people out there, but it has some long stretches of nothing....not sure what they have along the US 50 Route these days, but there should be a Flying J/Love/Pilot or two along the route....and here is a link to the State Parks on the US 50 Route through the Sunflower State:

    The US50 - A guide to the state of Kansas - Outdoors

    this link has all the state parks, camps, and fishing locations....have fun!
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    thanks for the warning. i have been researching a little and ran across the kansas state park website. my problem is that it is tough to decide where i want to stop. the website offers little info about individual parks. i have visited some public lands in the past and was completely disappointed. if anyone has opinions on which kansas parks are worth seeing i would love to here them.

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