Reba Ridge
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Thread: Reba Ridge

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    Reba Ridge

    I had planned to just spend a 5 minute detour to look out over Mokulumne canyon from a ski resort parking lot when I saw this little road taking off....Mmmmm wonder where she goes? Such is the stuff impromptu adventures are made of. I ended up following road to ridge top where other roads and trails branched out in several directions. Nice views above the tree line in all directions but hazy smoke from wildfires obscured the long vistas.
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    One good thing about your bike Fred is that it never needs warmed up, since it never has a chance to cool off before you are off on another adventure!! Do you sleep at all?
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    Hey Fred,

    I am sure that when you go on rides with your dogs, you could just say "Sam, Daisy - go fetch the Sheriff and tell him that I've fallen in a well".

    But what precautions do you take when you ride solo into the remote areas that we enjoy seeing videos of?

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    More nice scenery! I forgot to mention, I have longer helmet visor and I fashioned my ION under it just like you do with your Contour. More out of the way so twigs and branches don't rip it off the helmet mount. With the camera mounted in this position, vision is not as bad as I thought it would be, though some folks may now look at us as Cyclops.
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    Good question Brian, I try to ride carefully until I can install that kickstarter that was given to me by a very nice fellow ( for those who don't know TW-Brian gave me a kickstarter , what an amazingly generous and thoughtful thing to do!). In this instance while I had good cell coverage on mtn top I refrained from dropping down into unknown canyon by myself late in the day even though it looked very attractive. I have a mountaineering buddy whose wife makes him pack a SPOT; he says help would arrive too late in an emergency but wife would know where to retrieve body.
    This is same guy who on recent final pitch to a Yosemite summit dislocated his shoulder. He then cell called his surgeon buddy and over phone he got instructions to pop shoulder back.. Ouch! Thank goodness for good cell coverage in park systems, I never count on having cell coverage in areas I explore.

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    Turtle Wrangling the Sierras
    Actually the international safety orange color was selected with visibility in an emergency in mind. I almost went camo or desert tan like Admiral but decided on orange so bike could be seen from afar.
    Of course downside is hiding bike becomes difficult. I holed the case of screaming yellow YZ250 once in a creek crossing in Idaho when my haul truck was located on top of Mt Spokane back in Washington. Faced with a half-day hike out and drive around mountain to retrieve bike I feared someone might take wounded YZ while I was gone so I really had to bury bike under a lot of brush to hide bright yellow plastic. Fortunately berry picking ladies gave me a ride and some blueberries towards end of my hike saving me the last uphill climb to my truck. I try to be prepared to hike out or self rescue when solo riding so I appreciate Cyclerack given by Adam-in-Nevada to carry supplies. Beverages, tools, clothes, maps, firestarter, rope and hopefully common sense accompany me most rides.
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