TW necessities out in the wild....?
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    TW necessities out in the wild....?

    What are the suggested "bring alongs" while 'adventuring'. By adventuring, I mean, couple days out, not lengthy 1 week trips. Though the same may apply to either.

    I would like to get to a point where I could ride somewhere to camp for a night, maybe two

    Not planning on replacing the gas tank for a while, so I'll be looking into external fuel carriers. Cyclerack on order, though I have not heard from them. Once that arrives, I figure something out for storage.

    My eventuality, is that I'll be leaving the PacNW for a new unit next summer, I'll want to bring the TW with me and hit some ORV parks along the way, or whatever places I can find.....So between now and then I want to set myself up for a successful and fun cross country trip.

    As part of that preparation, I want to do some small 1-day excursions around the OlyPen while I can.

    Appreciate any suggestions.

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    Obvious philosophy is to minimize weight and bulk whenever possible. Bivy bag shelter, down bag, 3/4 sleeping pad can all reduce big bulk if camping overnight compared to full size options. Compression bags help keep things tight and compact. A tank bag, fanny pack,or backpack can keep frequently needed items close at hand so that you are not digging and repacking throughout day for camera, snack, beverage, sunsceeen, map, whatever.
    I would test pack and load in advance, then re-evaluate and maybe cull what you take because Murphy's Law corollary#2 states that the mess will usually expand to fill the available space. You have back-packing gear or experience?
    Lots of more experienced riders here than me, somebody help nunya with itemized suggestions.
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    A tool kit more expanded than the factory one would be essential. I pack tools that i can use to do just about any basic roadside repair. I pack wrenches and a few sockets to fit any fastener on the bike, screwdrivers, pliers etc, a set of tire irons, a patch kit for tubes, a pump for tires, a spark plug or two. I also carry along an extra master link's and a small chain breaker just in case. I want to make sure that if i break down i can un-break down and get home barring a catastrophic engine failure.
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    When i was riding in Bald Eagle forest, PA, i carried a fuel bottle. That is one big forest where i could easily lose track of the turns and intersections i came across. Tire patch, tire spoons/levers, CO2 tanks or a bicycle pump, handguards, folding shift lever, Risk Racing fork seal doctor for leaks, chain lube (also to lube tube if it gets punctured, will make tube fitting easy), RAM X-grip to hold smartphone, 12V charger outlet installed on battery, ROK straps for securing cargo to rear rack (very simple, easy to take cargo off, sold in bicycle stores)

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    Speaking of the 'factory tool case', where is this thing?

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    Behind the right side cover.
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    Whatever you put your equipment in make it waterproof not water resistant.

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    I'll probably not ever have my TW on an overnighter or be more than 100 miles from my house, but I carry a large 20 oz Slime Quick Spare in an Agri-fab tool tube and more than a quart of fuel in another one to get me back to civilization. I also carry a small first aid kit and some tools along with a few bottles of water.
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