Big Dog in Montana and Idaho
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Thread: Big Dog in Montana and Idaho

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    Big Dog in Montana and Idaho

    Not really trying to promote another rider, but I see Big Dog has began to post his ride {on a 250} through Montana and Idaho over the last month....looks like something that could be done on a TW with a bit of time/tweaking....great looking ride, but then again, the Big Dog does that again and again....the guy is my old age{couple of years younger than me} Adventure Riding Hero, and the reason I got back into riding the Dual Sport:

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    nice inspiration for us old dogs!
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    Big dog or "Mark" is a heck of a guy. I usually ride with him once or twice a year on local advrides and he is a hoot and no slouch on a bike either. I have to thank him for all his ride reports as some of the Utah and Colorado routes ive done came from his page. My first time meeting him i didnt know who he was. I was riding a ride from advrider "2011 HNF ride" or Hoosier National Forest ride. I found out about the ride just a few days before it happened. It started 10 miles away from my house and i thought sweet i will go check it out. Half way through the first day a guy in the group I was with had a bike issue and he stopped so a few of us stopped to help him. When we got him going again we realized nobody in the group had a gps with the routes so we all split at the next four way. I rode a few miles and stopped at a T and shut off my bike to see if I could hear any bikes in the distance. I sat there in silence for a few minutes then I heard something coming off in the distance so I geared up. When they came screaming by it was 2 wr250r's with big ol gps mounted on the bars so I thought these are the guys I need to follow. So I whipped the tw out in the gravel and turned it loose. I was running the piss out of the poor thing and everytime I would come out of a corner they were going into the next one. I was thinking dang these kids can ride. So I followed them WFO for probably an hour until they stopped down by a big drainage pipe off the side of a highway. They took offthere helmets and it was two older farts to my suprise. I said damn I didnt expect it to be to older guys, you guys can haul ass. They said some smart ass comment about being old but not dead yet. That was my first meeting with bigdog and roaddad. Well I road with them the next day and a half and they couldnt believe my tw didnt blow up trying to keep up with them. Since then ive been on the 2013 Pucky Huddle Breakfast ride with them and the 2013 hnf ride. I think he even did a ride report on the 2011 hnf and the 2013 pucky huddle ride. If you ever need info or route help he will probably help you out.
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