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    Hey All,

    Here are a few pics from our past weekend escapades.....

    Saturday started out with some much needed work getting done around the ranch while a really thick fog worked it's way out, by 1pm it was looking good and we had to get out. We started just easing West across the ranch, since you've seen pics of some of that, I'll skip to the road that we hit when we get across the creeks behind the house......

    We thought it would be a rip once we got to the roads, but we were wrong!!

    The mud was so sticky and thick that it was nearly impossible to make headway.... those poor stock tires.....

    So, we slogged it out far enough to check on the spot where the down horse was feeding the eagles, and unsurprizingly, it was picked clean. With our business done, we took to the trees to avoid the greasy mud.......

    Finally though, we came to a spot where we were going to have to cross about two foot deep water with more of that mud at the bottom, or ride down about 80 yards of rocky creek bottom with between 6 and 12 inches of water. Now I have to tell you that I thought of that idea, and liked it!! But my remote brain just slowly shook her head and I knew it was over. She kinda looks like Pocahontas surveying for L&C.... (my Wife is a direct desendant Yakama).

    So, we picked our way up the greasy road to a turn that headed up a pretty steep ridge, logic being that there wouldn't be any mud on a hillside, we hit it. Sorry I didn't stop for a pic, it was pretty steep.

    Once on top though, it was dry (mostly) and we sailed down an old two tracker that looks promising for future adventures!

    The view from on top was pretty nice too.... we didn't stay long as it was 4:30 by now and we were still quite a way from the house....

    Back to the ranch, gave the bikes a spray down, had a little dinner and sat on the porch and had a great cigar and a little Old Overholt. Nice day.

    Sunday broke out nice and clear. While D took care of a few priorities for her, I split about a half cord of wood and hauled it to the house, got it stacked, did some vehicle maintenance and tried to decide which way to ride today.......

    D suggested South East as we hadn't headed out that way for some time. Done. Jumped a couple creeks, crossed some of the two miles of down fence I have and we were up above the ranch house and in the sunshine!! We rode the fenceline and checked the water tanks/holes.

    I lined up on this water hole and intended to try getting across (through?) it. I could hear D laughing and telling me to pass the camera to her before I tried . . . so I thought better of it. Given all the trouble we had getting past it, I'm glad I didn't try the direct route... I'd still be there!

    On a somber note, we found three more horses, or more acuratly, their bones. Sure hope the wolves haven't come that far down

    Anyway, skirting around the holding tank, I made my first TW mod! I call it the "easy reach" shift lever. I'm thinking about making a bunch and marketing them to forum members, what'cha think?

    Anyway, I hope ya'll got to get out there and ride. All ya'll in the Midwest and Northeast, thanks for stealing our snow! You can send it back ya' know, I do my snow dance all year. . . we had a great start to the winter, but have lost nearly all our snow. If it doesn't pick back up it's gonna be a dangerous summer.

    Night all! (Bummer, I just had to edit this and take out a bunch of pics.....)

    "The TW may be slow, but the Earth is patient" - MK

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    Been there and done that with the mud clogging thing...and probably will do again, though I will try to avoid it. Took me a couple of hours to travel 200 yards or so the last time, and was constantly cleaning the mud from the fenders and rear swing arm area the whole 200 yards.

    Nice shift modification. I think many, many members here have tried that same exact mod. Welcome to the shifter mod club. Can't wait for your foot brake mod, cause it's gonna happen too! I tried the brake mod myself once without success as my foot got in the way. You know I broke it, my foot that is!

    Thanks for sharing another weekend "Life on the Ranch". Can't wait for the ranch to "get green" and see some spring/summer shots of the area. Way to go you two!
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    Hey Bag, looks like you found some 'good' mud, yuck.. .. Bet you had alot of hose work when you got home. Seems as well, I may have been able to look into your future and profited from your 'shifter experience'. You know how we all appreciate the pictures, thanks again. Gerry

    home-made folding shifter:

    Take care my Friend.........

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    Howdy Bag. I did that to my shifter lever fairly soon after getting my TW, so I bought this lever. I also carry a spare in my toolkit. Here's another thread on the issue. Also, if your riding leads to folded the lever back like that you might want to consider the Ricochet skid plate. Cheers
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    Looks like it was a fun ride! Ah...the folding (bent) shifter mod, thats my Dad's favorite. He does that every time we ride, even with the Ricochet! He carries at least two extras and I have to try and bend them back when I get home.
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    I think that's why Moms and Dads have children . As well, I suspect your Dad really appreciates the time he gets to spend with you. Gerry
    Take care my Friend.........

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