Day Trip Along Parke Creek-Kittitas Valley
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    I wanted to see how well my damaged body could handle a bit of dirt road travel so I took a short ride up Parke Creek. Overall the road was in fair condition with some deep four wheel ruts where the creek over flowed and then dried.

    Here are some pictures from today's ride.

    Pavement Ends and so does the county's responsibility.

    Bison Ranch

    Old Barn

    There were several creek crossings on the way up-nothing difficult but I checked out each one carefully before crossing.

    Since my back is broken in two places I did not want to risk a fall.

    This one was the deepest almost to the foot pegs. I probably shouldn't have crossed on the right center but it looked the best.

    My turn around point there was patches of snow just a few hundred feet above me on the northern side. Looks like a late opening of the roads on Mission Ridge above 4000 feet this year.

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    Awesome photos. Sure beats sitting at home doing work and preparing taxes
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    Bummer you couldn't make it up any higher. I'm looking forward to heading up to that area but theres still so much snow! Thanks for the pics. Did you see any elk or deer?
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    Nice report and pictures! Thank you for giving us that have been too busy to ride a little taste. . . Looks like a fun area to explore. I need to start a list......

    Hope the back was up to the trip and was nice to you when you got back home, and I'm glad you were feeling up to getting out!

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    Lots of run off in an area that looks so dry. In the Summer, I bet the shade those trees provide is something most adventure riders look forward to. Great ride.. I still have lots of snow in the foothills, maybe I will try and see how far I can get next Tuesday. Gerry
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    Nice photo's and an inspiration for those of us still waiting to ride (rain, mud, snow, work). Lots of fording across the water this time of year. Also visited your blog and nice to see the short video. Video picture looks sharp and clear.

    Thanks for sharing, and glad to see your back up on two wheels!

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