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Thread: First Ride

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    First Ride

    I bought a 2010 TW200 a few weeks ago for my wife. Due to our work schedules we only went out riding once for about two hours when we first got it. Me on my DR650 and her on the TW. I had today off and had to do some scouting in the swamp for a film crew I am working with tomorrow. I figured I would take the TW instead of the truck and blow out the carbon and run the old gas out of it while scouting.

    Initial impression is that it is a gutless wonder, but I had a smile on my face the whole time. That bike is amazing off road. I put over 100 miles on it today and a good portion of that was through mud, swamp, sugar sand, and gravel. I know I am preaching to the choir here, but that bike was a lot of fun. It amazed me how well it stuck the corners and didn't slide in places I know my DR loses traction. It was very confidence inspiring. I have a feeling I will be riding it a lot more than my wife will.

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    We have heard that story a thousand times, "I bought it for my wife". Welcome to the forum!
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    So if I hear you right, your wife will have to learn to ride the DR650? Too funny.
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    That is about right. She is already threatening to take the DR. Not worried about it. I beefed up the suspension. She can't touch the ground.

    When I was asking around about this bike and if it would be a good starter bike, lots of guys told me it is a great starter bike, but to not be surprised if I ride it more than her. I think that is going to be exactly what happens. I had a blast today on it.

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    It's the little bike that CAN! even IF this is going to be the wife's bike, check out all the excellent upgrades you can do to the bike for very little $$! IMHO I'd start by changing out the front tire, if you are still running the stock front tire. There is an excellent trials tire that goes right on & improves the bike's handling by nearly 100%. My 2 cents.

    And welcome to the addiction! m.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DirtMedic View Post
    ...... I had today off and had to do some scouting in the swamp.......... a good portion of that was through mud, swamp, sugar sand, and gravel.....
    Hey DirtMedic,

    .....take some photos while you are out in the swamp, mud, and sugar sand.....all the places I try to avoid....but would like to see....from a distance.

    I'm about an hour's ride south of you.

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    I bought my TW for my wife. In spite of the fact that my wr has about 3 times the horsepower, the tw is just loads of fun to ride. Maybe because I can spend more time enjoying the scenery while riding. Whatever the case, I like it.
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