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Thread: Finally

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    Apr 2012
    Lake County, Ca.


    With my reoccurring optical syndrome flareing up today, I was finally able to find time to go for a ride. It has been several months since Fugly has been given any attention and naturally balked when I pushed the magic button. Yep, dead battery. No problem, two kicks and she ROARED to life. Thanks Brian. The battery can charge while I ride. 30 miles into my ride and decide to take a break and look around a bit. Push the magic button once again and nuttin, not even a a low dim bulb. The battery is a goner. A kick and we are back in business. Thanks again Brian. In my younger days I probably would have continued on my trek into the back country, but the more mature me decided to head for the moto shop for a new battery. Lucky for me they had one. I installed it in the parking lot and enjoyed my ride home, the long way. 90 almost relaxing miles and my reoccurring optical syndrome has now been properly treated.

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    Good thing you had than checked.
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    As I have said before about the kick starter, when you really need it it is worth its weight in gold!
    Long live the internal combustion engine!

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    Quote Originally Posted by elime View Post
    As I have said before about the kick starter, when you really need it it is worth its weight in gold!
    Yes! True. And there is just something about making a bike roar to life with no button required! It always brings a smile to my face when doing so on a sunny day.
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    JO! Glad the "eyes" have once again corrected themselves, I believe the harmonic resonance produced by the 200cc power plant contains many beneficial healing properties! It's my recommendation for you to repeat as necessary, to continue to promote healthy vision. m.
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    Glad things worked out for you Joe, solo rides into the back country can have their own hazards. Thank goodness for TW-Brian's kick starter!
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    Hi Joemama,

    Glad to hear that your vision problems have improved (at least temporarily ). Mine have been bothering more and more lately. . . . . .

    My last real off-road ride was at your place when we were skating on frozen mud puddles. What are the current conditions, any water still flowing or is everything dry and crispy?


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    Plus; all the girls love a guy with a kicker...
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    Apr 2012
    Lake County, Ca.
    Brian, you better check your battery, that is also the last time I had riden. Conditions are fair. 80 degrees and dry. I suspect the creeks are still flowing enough the Splash Brothers would be happy. Perhaps the syndrome will be reoccurring more often.
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