Street and Trail - Afternoon Trip
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    1993 TW200 in Meridian, Idaho
    I finally had my local Yamaha shop sort out my electrical problems and install my new chain and sprockets (14/47) and with a much cooler day, took my '93 TW out for a good ride. I had to cross town and so got into some city traffic and some faster highway traffic and had the bike up to 55mph. That speed has me on my toes, but the old girl does it just fine and probably could have done 60 or even 65 if she had to (not that --I-- would have enjoyed it).

    Then when I got across town, I took the bike up into the Boise foothills on some of the motorcycle trails that are there. Trail 4 is sandy, pretty rutted in spots, and quite steep, but the torque of this little beasty just amazed me! Even on the steep sections, 2nd gear had plenty of pulling power and first was only for a few "OMG" sections of the trail.

    Going down I met a guy and his son coming up on their bikes. The older guy had a TW, a 2008 I believe. He went on and on about how much he loved the bike. I can see myself riding my '93 for a year or two and perhaps when finances permit, trading up to a newer model. Today convinced me that the TW is the perfect all-purpose bike when one wants to ride both street and trail. Great day and fun ride!

    My trusty '93...

    The trails...

    Boise Front - Ridge to Rivers Trails

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    Glad you're happy. I've gone through a lot of bikes and ended up right where you are. It's perfect for my age and the type of riding I want to do.


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    With the cooler temps we have had this week, I bet that was a nice ride. Glad your TW is back up and running.

    After all these years, I've never ridden in the Boise Foothills, but have meant too. Although I have done it backwards, I have also ridden Boise Ridge Road from Bogus to Harris Creek Summit, cross the summit and rode out to Hawley Mountain Lookout. Couple of ruts here and there, about the same as what you experienced on your ride.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Hidden Content A ride in the woods helps me relax and release tension. The fact I'm dragging a body should be entirely irrelevant?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Truelight View Post
    My trusty '93...

    At this words, I had smile on my face.

    I trust mine too.

    Nice looking trail sceneries !!!

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    thanks for the pics, they are great. I had people in the northwoods of northern MN say that the TW looks like a true country bike. It is fun to ride where the big boys cannot go.

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