First Ride What a Blast!
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Thread: First Ride What a Blast!

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    First Ride What a Blast!

    I was on the road today about nine hours but I did come home with a TW this time! After making a couple adjustments to more suit my style of riding I rode about a 1/2 mile up the road to an old quarry with lots of sandy hills. I had a blast lots of great memories came flooding back after not riding a dirt bike for a few years. I will be off to the secretary of state in the morning to get plates. mike
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    Good news Mike! Congratulations, now go ride and then ride some more.
    Bet those sandy hills might reflect some good moonlight
    Moon is going to be pretty bright early evenings for next few days...hint,hint.
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    I bought my First TW this past year and the first time out I was up and down dirt mounds and thru trails several times feeling the bike out,
    It took me back to hanging with my friends in the woods jumping or riding anything we could all summer when we didnt have school. !
    I question this,
    Was I feeling out the bike?
    Or my old abilities coming back to life in the dirt?
    ~ ~ ~
    Im still trying to find a local riding pal as I feel its safer, And more fun !
    Stay safe and enjoy !
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    An outdated , under powered, under suspended, funny looking bike. Who would have thought they would be this much fun. 9,000+ miles on my '13 and still counting.
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    I am sure you know, but you can ride almost anywhere in the state ORV trail system from Oscoda. There are two trail heads right there and some good single track off the trailhead on the north side of the Ausable. The sand does get tiring sometimes!
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    ..and anytime you make up to the west half the UP (Kingsford/Iron Mountain) you can check in here for a nights stay or two and I'll ride with you to show the sites.
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