highlakes snow ride
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    camped with my buddy and his boys a few days back. THANKS GIZMOW! <<helped me make sure my tw was in order for the trails. well heres pictures.

    my buddy kids first camping trip, somehow my tdub got in that pic

    road was like this for miles

    untill it turned to this

    buddys little sammy

    and this is where i spent the sub freezing night. freakin icebox

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    Thanks for the pictures Yoter. Looks like it's going to be another month before I will be heading in that direction. I went on a ride with another forum member (Visitor). Our adventure was cut short due to down trees blocking the road. Even without the tree issue, you could see up ahead that snow would soon be the next obstacle. Gerry
    Take care my Friend.........

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    Looked like some nasty, yet fun road conditions for the TW. Sammy probably liked it though . When I was young(er), I remember sleeping in the back of pickup trucks and what not, and freezing our you-know-whats off. I figured thats why coffee and hot chocolate were invented...get one warm after a cold night. Camp fire don't hurt either.

    We head'in out this weekend and staying at lower than what we normally would elevations to stay out of the snow. I've not seen this much snow in the backcountry in a long long time.

    Thanks for sharing your adventure.
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