Had a great ride with son-in-law today. Fairbanks, AK
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    Fairbanks, Alaska
    He on his KTM, me on the Tdub... we took old mining roads to the top of Ester dome some 2,000 ft above the city of Fairbanks. We then came down the back side into an actively mined area and finished the ride home on the Parks Hwy. The air was crisp, beginning to feel like fall. Some of the trails were really difficult and I managed, while coming downhill, to high side off the TW and wound up laying downhill from it with my foot caught under it. Took a while to free myself but no broken bones, no bent bike parts. A good ride of about 35 miles.

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    looks like fun. Glad you didn't get hurt.

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    Looks like a good ride. It's cool to here from Alaska, where I got my first dose of cycles. I only wish I could of had a TW back then, 45 years ago.


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    Guessing you have left Sun Valley and headed back home. Hope you had a good time in the lower 48. Sounds like you have a pretty good area to ride up yonder. Looks like you are on top of the world...with trees! Never been to Alaska, and probably won't with the TW, so it's nice to see some photo's from there.

    A few years ago while riding a single track trail, of which I wasn't exactly sure I was allowed to ride (but I think so), I got caught up in a trees exposed root system across the trail. I stopped, then tried to go slowly over the roots only to get tangled in the roots. At almost a stop, I tipped over and was trapped on the downhill side. The worse thing was the gas dripping while the engine was still running. Luckily, I was scared enough and mustered the strength to dislodge my leg and shut the bike off. All this happened about 1/4 mile down the trail. Needless to say I turned around not wanting to stretch my luck. Haven't had the willpower to tackle a single track trail since (on the TW). Since then I have made a single track trail on the side of my driveway to practice on when I go get the mail and newspaper (1.5 mile round trip to the end of the driveway). Someday I will try again.

    Thanks for sharing your photo's.
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