Second ride of the year
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    Took today off work to attempt my second ride of the year. Had reconnect with an old Friend some weeks ago and asked her if she might enjoy an off pavement adventure. She has always been very open to new things, and since she rides a Harley 'Road-hugger' the XR200 (spare bike) required a bit of lowering.

    The ride I have done before, but given the minimal saddle time this year, it really wore me out. It was nice to get out, the preperation needed to be ready for a companion was a bit taxing but all in all, worth it.

    Here is the only photo I took in over 75 miles. We stopped for a break and bumped into a couple of a couple of guys on patrol for the Lassen National Forest. During our conversation about the TW, my adventure partner Diane indicated I had a nail in my back tire. Out came the tools and then the 'thinking cap'. The nail was a long one, but the bulge on the backside of the knob suggested that it (nail) may have entered in at a very shallow angle an not punctured the tube. After cutting the nail as to minimize further penetration, I realized that it would likely continue towards the tube. Crossed my fingers and gave a pull. After applying the appropriate amount of spit to the hole, I was relieved by the absence of bubbles. On our way we went. Gerry

    Take care my Friend.........

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    Wow, that was a close one! That was a big enough nail to have wreaked some serious havoc. Glad to hear you were able to get out for a ride, I've missed hearing of your riding adventures. I hope your friend will be able to go on another ride or two with you before the snow flies.
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    Glad you were able to get in a ride. And playing hookie from work always makes it feel better (for me), though you actually took the day off! Unless you fained an illness, in that case it would be hookie for sure!

    Whew, you dodged a bullet, (or should I say nail), on this trip. I've been so lucky as to never had a flat for all the miles I've been out. Of course now that I say that I will promptly get one my next trip. Or even worse, with the TW just sitting in the shop.

    Anyway, nice that you had the chance to get out.
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    Good to see.

    But next time, more pictures please!


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    Gerry, No pics, no happen! Glad it all worked out, but I too have had a low ride year and have been living through others adventures (although I'm cleared now! WOOHOO!!!!!!)

    Glad to see your not too picky to ride with one of those Nasty Harley riders!!

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