Wolf sighting.
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Thread: Wolf sighting.

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    Took the Tdub up the Capay valley (northern california) and turned left on Forrest road in Guinda CA. There is a country gravel/dirt road that winds into the hills for 5 miles so decided to check it out. Near the end of the road a nice sized wolf runs across the road in front of me. Was only about 30 yards in front of me....very cool. Only saw him for about 3 seconds and he was hauling ass into the forest so no photo op....damn! Came back and then took county road 41 (dirt road that is very rough in winter)to Arbuckle where I met a few locals on old honda enduro and suzuki 2 stroker. They showed me some cool riding spots. Ran this trip on 22 psi front and 25 rear. Went from 75 mpg to 84. total trip was 145 miles. Fun times on the Tdub!
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    I'm hoping for a wolf sighting too, but perhaps in a different way. My deer season starts is T-minus 6 days, and Elk T-minus, well I can't do the math, but it starts 1 November. I've seen my fair share of wolf prints in the snow and mud the last few years in the hunt area. Paw print bigger than my hand and fingers. Big I say!
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