Belfair Howell Lake Loop
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    Just got back from a 2 hour ride in Belfair. We started at the Elfendahl staging area and rode the Howell lake loop. Rode through more big puddles then I have ever seen in my life. Gave up trying to stay dry after 5 minutes. My buddy was on a little KTM 505XC. He had a hard time keeping up with me and my TW...(I know he will never read this so I can stretch the truth).

    Good riding out there for a TW. A lot of technical trails, and a lot...A LOT of whoops, which tended to get old on the TW.

    All in all a good ride with only one lip skid. A few bruises on me but the TW, once upright rode away fine.

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    Right on man, I love the Howell lake loop. You cross that particular creek and the rocks disappear! The dirt out there is so nice when it is wet..ish. I hear ya on those whoops dewd. I have never ridden my TW there but even on my WR250 they get old! I remember ridding there in spring and my bike was cleaner when I left than it was when I showed up!! I have been thinking of takin my TW there because I can just jump on the ferry and be there in a jiffy. Wanna go? I certainly would not ask my macho big bike buddies to wait up for me on the TW. Cuz as you know there is no pinning it through the whoops on a TW. Let me know. I live in Edmonds area.

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