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    U.S. Navy TBF Avenger #06090 Crash 1944

    My friends on the Olympic Peninsula took me and my great friend Ed out to this crash site. It was a long ride to get out there with a pretty loose sketchy hill climb to get to the site. From what they knew it sounds like the plane crashed into the steep mountain side in the fog. 3 servicemen died there and the one survivor hiked out of this location. If you look close to the photo of me and the wreckage you can see how steep it is. I would guess a good 40 degrees. The wereckage lays around 50-60 feet below the top of the hill. The engine bounced all the way up to the top of the hill and is still where she came to rest. Most of the fuseloge was hauled out by maniacs with a team of horses. Seriously guys, to haul that much wreckage off of this hillside and down, with horses, would be frikn crazy. Much less surviving the crash in 1944 and walking out of there. Pretty insane an adventure to grasp while standing on that hillside I tell ya.

    This day stands out very much as one of the coolest rides I have ever been lucky enough to experience. To top it off they stopped us buy a guys house and we got to ride his MX track for a while.

    No TW but invovled but I wanted to share.

    Looks like the same engine in Hodaka Guys pictures, minus the supercharger. 16 piston engine.

    engine on the hilltop

    hillside wreckage


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    Very Cool. Thanks for sharing this.

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    Cool - Thanks

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