Afternoon Mini-Adventure Ride to the shooting range.
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Thread: Afternoon Mini-Adventure Ride to the shooting range.

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    Afternoon Mini-Adventure Ride to the shooting range.

    !!!WARNING, Maybe long and boring write-up. If you don't want to read it, just scroll down to see the couple of pics and image what the ride was.!!!

    I had a rare opportunity to have an afternoon off with no wife, kids, or bathroom remodeling to worry about, so I decided to combine two of my favorite things by attempting to ride my TW to the local shooting range, located about 8 miles from my house. This might not typically qualify as an Adventure or Trail ride, but considering that 3 weeks ago when I went to the shooting range I had to go by snowmobile, I think it counts. I also did not know what the road condition would be, given that we had changed from snow and very cold weather to a mix of sun, rain, and above freezing temps, at least during the daytime.

    So off I went with a head full of dreams and hopes for a challenge that could be overcome by the great TW. I rode the 3 miles or so of bare pavement to were the dirt starts, where I was happy to see that the snow had indeed decreased in depth and some other adventurous souls had already attempted the route in what looked to be a truck and 1-2 side-by-sides. I started on my way and found the going easy by staying in the ruts of the other vehicles, which sometimes were down to the frozen mud and other spots still floating over some hard packed snow. In places the ruts were deep enough that my pegs were rubbing both sides, not my favorite feeling but manageable. After a mile or so I saw my neighbor coming toward me in his side-by-side and talked for a minute. He informed me that the other tracks, including his own, turned around another 1/4 mile ahead and he didn't know how far I would make it. Well that got me excited and nervous at the same time.

    I reached the point where the other tracks stopped and had to try riding on top of the the snow instead of in the pre-made ruts. The TW did great and had just enough float to stay mostly on top. The snow must have thawed and frozen again enough that it had some good substance to it. The rear tire was sinking in some the whole time and I had to keep a steady spin going along with momentum to keep swimming through the stuff. Only once did it get soft enough, (or maybe me slow enough) that the rear tire sank deep.

    Ant flat sunk tire.jpg

    This presented a great time to catch my breath and take some pics.
    Below is looking back to the south from where I had come.

    ant flat south.jpg

    And this one is looking North toward where I was hoping to go. I was afraid that I would continue to sink in and have to turn around.

    ant flat north.jpg

    I lifted the rear out of its hole and ventured forward. Surprisingly, it did not get any worse, and even got better in some spots that had stayed in shadow from the warm afternoon sun. I even got into 3rd gear on one gentle down-hill section.

    I successfully made it to the range and discovered that they had plowed the dirt road coming from the other direction, but that would have boring. The parking lot of the pistol bay was still covered in snow and when I attempted to use my kick stand to park the TW, I could tell it was going to sink and tip over, so this time I purposefully sank the rear tire and enjoyed some shooting.

    pistol bay.jpg

    On the way out I decided to take the plowed dirt road and then connect to some other dirt/gravel roads to take the long way home. The roads for the most part were so silky smooth (no washboards yet) and just the right amount of hard pack and moisture that it was a great ride home.

    I stopped for one more picture break before dropping into town.

    Golf course overlook panerama.jpg

    Thanks for reading
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    Here is a better pic from the hill looking into town. The panoramic pic was auto-created by Google Pics, but only came in the small size.

    Golf course overlook 2-17.jpg
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    Sounds like you just made it to the shooting range. Nervous moments indeed when the rear starts sinking and forward momentum ceases. Sometimes one can get out on the morning's frozen crust, but then if one has too much fun things melt and the way home can be an afternoon's struggle.
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    That looks like it was fun. Thanks for sharing.

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    This ride was pretty neat with a few cool pictures.
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    Wonderful isolation.

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    I had a friend with a log home between Wagon Tire and John Day that we stayed at several times. The snowmobiling, quad riding and exploring was amazing. Thanks for sharing the adventure, it brings back great memories!
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    Great story and pics.

    So when you say you are on the "right" side of Oregon; is that geographically speaking or intellectually speaking (you could mean the correct side which you might consider to be the left side (coast).
    I'm taking it as both geographically AND intellectually the right side which should be obvious since it is closest to Idaho!

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    It has been said that this part of Oregon is practically Idaho, and I wish it actually was. Maybe they will let us move the state line some day.

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    Love the ride report and what our frozen TW ers do with our great bikes.
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