A different style of Motorcycle racing
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Thread: A different style of Motorcycle racing

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    A different style of Motorcycle racing

    This might ruin your day! Sitting watching this style of racing instead of doing something constructive!

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    I'm a old hack driver and I'm impressed!! A little too challenging for me these days though!!
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    They all had those "earl" type front forks, I can't imagine the torque the bike frame go thru jumping them like that,
    Where can I buy one ! ! ! !
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    That right there?

    THAT looks like a crapload of FUN.
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    You don't buy one. You build one. I raced those things in the sixties on scrambles tracks. It's how I learned to pilot one.
    I have now had 11 rigs over the years and half of them have been off road rigs. I haven't been able to ride that way for many years now
    but it's good to see the sport hasn't died out.
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