Might want to be careful where you ride in the north states
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Thread: Might want to be careful where you ride in the north states

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    Might want to be careful where you ride in the north states

    This is bothersome... They introduced the wolves and now they set traps for them? GEEEZZZ


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    crazy stuff who would even imagine something like this
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    That would seem to be about as irresponsible as it gets.

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    Ongoing federally funded predator control is still an active expense of taxpayer dollars, although I had hoped the cyanide poison methods had been phased out. I guess Wildlife Services had assumed the dog and the boy would have read the warnings and taken appropriate precautions. 0dcb4ca2d271c7ba62fee537a4c4f8ca-2.jpg
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    On the news they talked about keeping your dogs on a leash and stay on trails yourself in the Boise foothill trails, because they set out traps (off-trail) due to the number of coyotes city bound from all the weather in the hills.

    But this is not just ridiculous, it's deadly. If I knew that someone died from this; I would never go into any of their offices where anyone opens mail.
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    A few years ago, MN had a legal wolf hunting season (lottery) because there were too many in northern MN. I believe it coincided with deer hunting season so deer hunters could take them.

    That lasted one season before the snowflakes popped a tit and the government caved - banned all wolf hunting even though the population is growing and too high.

    2016 MN wolf numbers: 2,278 wolves in 439 wolf packs (if you trust the government can count properly...which they can't).

    The less predators in the woods, the better.

    Anyone is permitted to take a grey wolf in MN if human lives are in danger:

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    so...i'm guessing a TW will set off one of these??

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    It won't kill your TW, you, on the other hand are a different matter.

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    Just f'n great. Now all the terrorist have to do is go around and collect the government supplied free to take and use as you like cyananide bombs.
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    "Thursday's incident marked the first "unintentional lethal take of a dog" by an M-44 in Idaho since 2014, and Wildlife Services seeks to minimize hazards to pets and humans by posting warnings"

    This sentence makes it seem like it never happens. And it's poorly written to make it seem like it never happens or only happened once a long time ago.
    But less than three years ago an M-44 killed another dog in Idaho.

    Warnings are nice but how many do you need to properly mark a property or area?

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