Riding the Rails on a TW
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    Has anyone built, or know of, a TW railroad conversion?

    In case someone does not know what a railbike is, here's a vid of a typical bicycle mod.


    It's basically a bolt-on outrigger from the bike to the other rail, and a bolt-on guide wheel extending from the front axle to keep the front wheel on the rail.

    I've built several bicycle railbikes, but our TWs seem perfect for a dirtbike project. Electrical conduit and used lawnmower wheels are the main components.

    Naturally one would try this only on abandoned rails.

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    That is interesting. I have ridden down the middle of the tracks on my TW. After about 5 miles I felt like I had detached retinas.
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    Around 30mph it starts to smooth out and gets better with more speed.

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    I rode beside the tracks for a quarter mile in the gravel. Close to washing out the whole time! Yall can keep it, ill stick to the dirt.
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    Good video, although that many little kids seems a little risky for potential disaster, but I'm sure they were having fun.

    I've been wanting to build one since college (over 10 years now)... even bough a book on them (http://www.amazon.co...n/dp/0935902295). I got some roller skate and skate board wheels / bearings but never settled on a design. Considered making it powered but like the idea of the bikes and outriger being able to fold up and ride off the tracks when needed. Really wanted to make two bikes go on the tracks in tandem for a more fun experience. Plus the rails here in the Cascades of the NW are nice and scenic, including tunnels! I will do this one day. It's now back near the top of my to do list!


    Now getting the T-dub on top of the rail... wow, that would be interesing! And fun!

    Tunnels would be kinda freaky!


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    Humm, I think I can come up with better things to do with less danger potential and more freedom.

    Interesting tough.

    The old timers around here talk of putting thier Model A cars on the tracks 'back in the day' because the roads were so bad in spring that they couldn't use them! Course down in the valley, you can see about 5 or 6 miles almost everywhere.

    I don't think they have regular scheduled trains anymore, just special runs made with the hobby train down in Toppenish, so those tracks would be a pretty good bet. However, it's board straight and no tunnels or bridges . . . so maybe not too interesting.

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    Cycles SouthReminds of that scene in Cycles South! Anyone else?

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