Fun in the woods
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Thread: Fun in the woods

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    Fun in the woods


    Spent last Saturday at the farm preparing some atv / TW TWails. There goes that speech impediment again. Hope the trails are as much fun to ride as they were to cut in!
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    Great job! Love those tight Twails that snake through the woods. Did you include any special TW challenge sections like a mud hole or log crossing?
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    Plenty of those off through the bottoms. Off to the right in the picture is the river bottoms that have mud holes washed in and log jambs similar to the one in the pic. This is where I farmed the ground as a kid, camped with my boys, fished and still fish, hunt, and was baptized 34 summers ago. Lots of great memories made and yet to be made. Now that we have trails and a camping area (I'll skip the tent camping gig), in the next few weeks it'll need mowed again, and a couple food plots for my whitetailed livestock need to happen. Then we'll wait til it's hotter than Hades and build a couple stands, all while enjoying the trails and river. Sounds like a good plan anyway. Been waiting to get this far for years, just decided to make it happen.
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