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Thread: First Actual RIDE

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    Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada ehh?

    First Actual RIDE

    Hope I don't bore anybody but I figured I'd share my day's ride. This was the first good, long ride that was exactly what *I* envisioned having a dual sport would be all about.
    I left the house this morning with no destination, a full tank, a bit of extra gas in case, some water, some junk food, and the 4-piece spin/fly rod in the tube I built.
    What an awesome day. There were secondary roads, dirt roads, ATV trail, single track, and places where I had to two-foot-paddle it along. I worked my way from Moncton down along the south east coast to Fundy park, taking the smaller roads whenever possible, then from the corner of the park I headed north through the rockier and hillier areas and made my way home. 260km (162 miles) all said and done.
    The TW was to replace my ATV; allowing me to explore the trails the same as the ATV but to hop on the pavement and get to other areas quickly as well. Today, it did exactly that. I saw waterfalls, rivers, and caves that no car could get to, and I also enjoyed putting along the scenic routes in between the woods running. Best of both worlds....

    I was about halfway through my ride when it dawned on my to snap a few pics... Shepody Bay in behind the TW.

    Protected wetlands

    Not even sure exactly what this area is called (I want to say New Horton), but some wetlands and small lakes with Chignecto Bay in behind.

    Long Marsh Creek

    Waterside beach
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    Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada ehh?
    Also Waterside beach. The tide's not fully out, and you can see mark where high tide comes to along the left side of the frame, to give you an idea just how high the tides are in this area.

    Nice lake way up the hill from the coast (Livingston Lake). I put the rod together and fished from shore for a while. I'm familiar with the lake but couldn't cast out far enough to get to the deep water, but didn't care.

    Really nice view of the low mountains from the road that runs through a bunch of blueberry fields. Funny, the camera really takes the 'oomph' out of what you see when you're there in person.
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    Nice report on a long ride. I like your rod tube. That's a beautiful area.
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    Yup, this is EXACTLY what a dual sport is all about. Go anywhere, and when you need to get home quickly, just get on the slab! Besides the obvious fact that you can just ride right from home.
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    So may we assume you are happy with your purchase of a TW?
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    Love it! Keep them coming but next time lets see some fish along with the TW.

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    Great ride.
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    Great ride.

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    I have been up your way years ago to a BMW rally in NS. those tides are really strange!!
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    Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada ehh?
    The rod tube is just a piece of pipe, capped on the bottom and fitted with a screw plug on the top. Nuttin' fancy...but it holds the 4-piece fly/spin rod that doesn't spin cast or fly cast very well, but it still does it way better than the rod you don't have with you. In a couple weeks I'll have no need of a spinning rod for the rest of the season so the tube will hold my 8' tenkara rod and a vitamin pill bottle that holds my 'light' kit...(a braided line, some leader, and a handful of flies.

    The tides are pretty neat, and absolutely something to be aware of if you're exploring the shoreline and keep an eye on the time. People will walk down the shore and looks for fossils and stuff along the cliffs and not realize how far they walked and by the time they turn around, the tide has come in to the last point they walked around and they're stuck there until the next tide.

    Very happy with the TW (I'd been out a bit already but this was the first big ride), but good grief Yamaha, would it have been that hard to put in one more gear? I'm finding that a lot of my road riding is on secondary roads, which all have an 80km/h speed limit (so say 50mph). Usually people do 90-95, so it's right at that spot where it went from "okay, revving a little high but not so bad..." to "I wonder if the piston head will come straight out into the tank tank or maybe to one side and hit me in the leg..." As perfect as the TW is for 'everything but highway', it would be sooo nice to have one more gear. But, then something else would suffer and I'd be complaining about that.... I was up in the air about gearing but knew I needed a chain (stretched..well, worn....) so I just bought a cheap chain and left the sprockets alone while I kind of 'felt it out'. I already know the extra at the top end would be worth the small sacrifice at the bottom. I ride alone 99% of the time so I'm not much of a "I wonder if I can climb that..?' sort of person. So I think I'll be getting a good o-ring chain, and a new front sprocket (same as factory), and a...ehh...haven't decided yet.....rear. Likely 45.....but possibly 47.

    If there happen to be any lurkers in my area that want to go out for a ride, just yell. Checked the member map, nobody close-close.

    And there will be fish.....soon.....
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