Selah Hillclimbing TW-style
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    Looks like you have a nice place close to home to ride. Surprized that there was no one else out having fun as well. The video quality can't get any better. You may have mentioned in you other 'productions', but again, what brand/model of camera are you using? The camera placement was pretty unique and framing the view with the rear tire rather clever, though personally abit distracting.

    Perhaps you will become another 'Mr. BigWheel'. Thanks for the great footage, those hills reminded me of some adventures from a looooong time ago. Gerry
    Take care my Friend.........

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    Judging by the way the license plate was going up and down you mounted the camera to the swing arm or passenger peg, right? Is the camera protected should you fall over?

    That sure is a nice area you have to play in. How long before houses are built on it? Are there more areas like that or is it mostly fences and no trespassing?

    It also looks dry. Around here it usually looks that dry in late spring, summer and fall. This year the rainy season came late so we are still in our "green season".

    Long live the internal combustion engine!

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