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    Cool Helmet Choice

    So what is your favorite TW200 riding helmet and why? I am looking to purchase a new helmet. Do you prefer a MX or a ADV sport type helmet? I am using a old school open helmet with protective goggles now. But I am thinking of upgrading. About 90% of my riding is offroad. Logging road and trails... Thanks for your input... I hope...lol...
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    I wear Nolan N100E I like the flip front feature for taking pictures, talking & it's more convenient when stopping for fuel & going in to pay or whatever.
    Its good in the rain & dust. Is vented fairly well to stay cool.
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    I like my Voss dual sport helmet (https://www.vosshelmetsusa.com/colle...-sport-helmet#). I wouldn't ride without full-face protection, on-road or off. I prefer the face shield to goggles, and the drop-down shaded visor behind the face shield is nice. The peak provides welcome shading when sun angles are getting low. Overall it's a comfortable helmet for me and good value.
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    John in Nanaimo

    2013 TW200 - with Shinko 241 front tire, Rox 2" anti-vibe risers, Polisport Touquet handguards, homemade wind deflector, Manracks utility rack

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    I'm a big fan of Bell helmets due to good fit, light-ish weight, and decent price. Most of my riding is off-road so I went with a dirt bike style Bell helmet. Don't recall the model but it was in the $150 range. I like to use goggles since they are easy and cheap to replace when they get scratched and they seal the dust out of my eyes (a visor won't do that since the dust gets inside by drifting under the helmet and visor).

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    My wife & I both wear Voss 600 Dually - Dual Sport Helmets. I use to sport your typical DOT MX style helmet w/ shades. But after taking a chance going with a dual sport/ adventure style helmet, I will probably not use anything else. I love the left switch slide that operates the second inside tinted lens. Just like "Elvesus" mentioned, it's comfortable and a very decent helmet for the price!
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    phelonius......can you get them in black??....and extra large pumpkin size??
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    I have a gargantuan melon. I used to wear a dual sport helmet, but got a great deal on a Fox mx helmet. I have found that I pretty much quit using the dual sport. With my mx helmet I can put on sunglasses and get better ventilation in the TX heat than with a full screen. When I am off-road and on the beach I just throw on goggles keeping out sand. With my high capacity cranium the XXL Fox is just more comfortable also.
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    Find a style you prefer then find a shape that matches your head. Nothing sucks like an expensive helmet you don't want to wear because it doesn't fit or is uncomfortable.
    If you are not riding in too much heat and not too dusty of conditions a modular, or flip up helmet, might be good for you especially if you like to stop and take pictures or get a quick drink or eat something.

    I like full face helmets with peaks, to block the sun or other objects, and with a visor, which I think works better on road, and that allows use of goggles when in the dirt.

    I use a fox full face motoX helmet that flows a good amount of air and uses goggles which seem to work best when it's hot and dusty.
    Usually I use a arai xd3 for everything unless it's going to be really warm and not much road riding.
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    I wear a motocross helmet when temps are above 60. Full face when not. I tried a few "Dual Sport" helmets and found they were just as hot as a full face and almost as noisy as a MC. At TW speeds, a DS helmet's venting is not adequate to cool my noogin. So, even on my 15 mile rural/small town commute; I'm sporting a motocross helmet with goggles.
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