Good trails/roads in Pagosa Springs, CO
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    I'm headed to Pagosa Springs in a week or so and it looks like I'll be bringing my TW with me. Anyone know of any good dirt roads in the area without venturing too far away from Pagosa? I'd love to ride around in the Durango/Silverton area but not sure if I'm going to have enough time to do so. I saw a post somewhere mentioning Devil Mountain road, just a little west, and it looked right up my alley. Anyone have any experience there?

    I'm planning on picking up a hitch hauler this week. Any recommendations for something good but not too pricey? I've seen some on Amazon and Cabela's for $80-$200 that look Ok, but I've never used one and don't want to get junk.


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    Pagosa is my was my hometown for the past five years so perhaps I could help you out with some suggestions, though it might be easier to do it via the phone. I'll send you a PM with my number.


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    If you get anywhere up near San Isabel/Rye/Pueblo - let me know! There are GREAT trails near San Isabel.

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    check out northern tools for a hitch carrier,they have them on sale for under a hundred at times.

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    The Silverton area is beautiful!! Engineer pass, cinnamon pass, or anything on the Alpine Loop is worth seeing if you have the time. I did a ride report in the trials-rides section of the forum if your interested.

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