Reminiscing with the outlaws.
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Thread: Reminiscing with the outlaws.

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    Reminiscing with the outlaws.

    After recently reading a couple humorous post I started thinking back about some of the rides and adventures I have been on with the people I have met on this forum. One such ride was with The Outlaws, Sandue and Gerry. Was a fun ride as there were laws broken, lies told, shots fired and good conversation. We are all getting a little older and Dan can't keep up with Sue. Gerry, well I not going to talk about Gerry's getting older problem, and my hearing is not what it once was. During one of the many breaks on the trail I overheard a short discussion between Dan and Gerry that went sumpun like,
    Dan, It's kind of windy today.
    Gerry, No, I think it's Thursday.
    Dan, Me too, let's go get a beer .
    I'm ready to do it again, and I don't care if we go on windy or thirsty.
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    What? Sounds about right. There you go profiling us again.
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    We remember the ride "Northwest Passage with Outlaws", great ride! I remember getting lost for a while, 30 miles into the ride. Oh, and Gerry shooting his hand gun in the Federal Park! Bang, bang, bang, pause and then, bang, bang, bang pause. What was that all about. I remember Gerry saying if he survives that adventure he would sell his TW. It wasn't until Joemama asked Sue which way to Starbucks that we found our way back to civilization. Thanks for saving us that day Joemama! It will require a Mhomadness most awesome ride badge. Dirts a Flyen SanDue

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    C'mon Joe, let's do it again! It would be worthy of a most excellent ride badge! m.
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    Beware the Outlaws!
    Go for a group ride with these guys and you end up waiting for your guide. Then he is just as likely to run into you. Thanks Joe!
    Guess Joemama and TW-Brian were hoping we would bust all the ice in the puddles before they got there.

    This was from a frozen November Group Ride Joemama hosted a few yeas ago when we were all desperate for a ride. Lots of frown puddles lined the route, with surprisingly thick and slippery ice.
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