Patrick Tillman Monument
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    While roaming through the hills south and west of San Jose I happened upon the small town or New Almaden. It was there I found this monument dedicated to Pat Tillman.

    First, the obligatory TW shot:

    A close up of the plaque:

    Rest in peace American Soldier.

    Lastly, a view across the street looking at the Almaden Quicksilver County Park.

    According to a friend that grew up in the area I am about 60 years to late. All the roads have either been paved or closed to vehicle traffic. Horses, bikes, and hikers are still OK!
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    Thanks for sharing this. I never met Mr. Tillman, but I feel a debt of gratitude towards him and his family. It pleases me to see a monument in his honor. I prefer the dirt, but if you can't ride in the dirt keep touring those paved back roads! I imagine there is still a lot to be found. Thanks for sharing your ride with us.
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    enjoyed the read. thank you

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    I was lucky enough to have met Pat. He came up to Boise two or three times to help out my wife's son with his summer football camp after playing together on the ASU Sun Devils and the AZ Cardinals. I mountain biked with him a couple times in the Boise foothills.

    A couple things I can say about him is he was a genuine human being, a deep thinker, and a physical specimen.

    I recommend Jon Krakauer's "Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman" if anyone would like to do a little further reading on one of America's latest contemporary heroes.

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    Thanks for sharing this Tony!
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    Thanks for posting.

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    I submit that there are some people that are just too big to stay bound here among us for long.

    Hoo Ahh !!

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    Thanks for the pics. Love seeing pics of places/things members find when they explore on their Tdubs!
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