Heading to Nova Scotia
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Thread: Heading to Nova Scotia

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    Heading to Nova Scotia

    Tomorrow I am leaving for Nova Scotia / Cape Breton Island on my FZ6. Easy ride to Ottawa on Friday and spending the night with relatives then getting up early and riding to Cardigan P.E.I. to visit my daughter who happens to be working there right now. After that I will take the ferry across to Caribou NS. then venture up towards Cape Breton Island to ride the Cabot Trail Cape Breton Highlands National Park | Tourism Nova Scotia . Anybody have suggestions of where I should go see or do? If anyone along the way wants to meet for a coffee, got tent space or want to do some mild trails I am not afraid to venture off the pavement on my FZ6 if I can leave my gear somewhere.

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    Hope you have a great trip brother Peter!! Keep us posted, we love pics!!
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    Without looking it up I don't know how far of a trip this is but it sounds like a fair distance. Safe Travel's Sir!

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    Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada ehh?
    It sounds like you'll be sailing right through my neck of the woods on the way to PEI, but if you need anything I can try to help . I have a cabin/camper on a few acres of land about 35 mins south of town if you wanted to stop and crash there. If your schedule permits, and you need a place to spend the night, or there's bad weather (the patio is also covered so it's great for just sitting there and watching it rain.....lots of lawn for your tent or just stay in the camper (8 years and still mouse-proof). There's not much around it for tourist attractions, but there are miles of good paved roads running around pretty farmland, nice rivers, the usual country scenery, etc..

    Bring dynamite for getting your tent pegs into the ground on the Cabot Trail. You might want to plan tent placement around being able to tie out to the bike and picnic tables, or whatever else is handy. A fair amount of that area is just solid bedrock with just enough dirt sprinkled on it for some grass to grow. Beautiful ride/drive though.

    Not sure if Fundy Park and area is on your list, but if it is, I can likely answer some questions about that region. Or, if I'm not working or camping on Grand Manan island with the Mrs, if you wanted to take a ride to Fundy through the cool places the tourists don't usually see, I'd be up for that. (Also the best fish n chips ever...Fundy lobster is supposed to be some of the best anywhere, but I don't care for the stuff). If I'm working, camping, or fishing, and you wanted to head through Fundy yourself I'd be glad to draw you a map. And, the camp isn't really far from Fundy so feel free to add Fundy to your trip and stay at the camp if you want.

    I'll PM you my contact info. Have an awesome trip.
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    Have a good trip buddy my brother is out there at this moment I see if he has any recomendations for ya. He trailered his TW out there to ride the cabots trail while his daughter is attending the scouts jamboree. He will be heading back to my place on Saturday.
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    Thanks guys. PM sent to GCFishguy. admiral thanks for re sizing my pic.
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    WIfe and I did NS, New Brunswick, PEI and essentially your trip on a ST1300 about 8 years ago...great trip...sea food was wonderful and we stayed in B&B and met some great folks along the way.

    Good luck and ride safe!!
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    Safe travels and have a great trip.
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    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
    Hey PeterB,

    I live in Dartmouth NS and grew up in Baddeck with the Cabot Trail in my backyard basically.

    When you get to CB go straight through to Baddeck and get some rest. The loop around the trail looks short on a map but the roads are tight, traffic can be heavy and there are multiple large mountain climbs and decents .... it takes the better part of a day to take it in and enjoy the scenery.

    The trail is best done counter clockwise since that puts you on the outside edge of most the good mountain roads. I would suggest that you turn off the TCH105 onto the Cabot Trail Rd in St Anns just outside of Baddeck . You can head up the highway a little and take the Englishtown Cable ferry to save some time if you want ..... but that small section of road from St.Anns to Tarbotvale is all tight sweeping corners and mostly new asphalt. Its a great section to ride.

    The rest of it is pretty stunning as well and just make sure to get fuel when you can and be prepared to stop every 15min to take pictures since it is a place like no other.

    Good luck with your trip and if you run into any problems shoot me a PM. I can point you in the right direction for help or maybe lend a hand if my schedule is open.

    Ride safe and have a blast!

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    Senior Member Peterb's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    North Bay, Ontario, Canada
    Thanks to GCFishguy and Heli-Mech for the offers and advice. Yes St. Anns to Tarbotvale was amazing and no traffic :-) Left on Friday and arrived back home the next Friday. 4600 kms with 2 days where I never rode my bike while I visited my daughter in P.E.I. longest day was over 1300 kms. I really have to learn to relax more when I travel.
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