First hard ride of the season!
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    Well yesterday was my first real "ride" of the season. It was an awesome day filled with a few wipe outs. The first one was coming down a big sand hill which was all fun and games.

    the second one unfortunately was down into a big wash out. Myself and the bike ended up sideways in this lovely boobytrap.

    lucky it only suffered a broken tail light cover, tweaked handle bars and sadly a stuck float valve..which ill have to figure out soon

    Its good to be back out riding again!

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    That wash looks like a tuff one. I try my best to deal with a steep up, or the steep down. When I get both at the same time I get real nervous. Hope you didn't have to do a 'round trip'. Appreciate the pictures. Take care. Gerry
    Take care my Friend.........

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    Looks like mother nature's handy work on the road! Sometimes you can go around, and sometimes you don't see'em till their too late. Hope you didn't need Tylenol or something similar.

    I love the no hiking sign. I like to hike, but it's a little dig at the bunny huggers (as Ron from Boise would say) and I think it's funny.
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    Nice Pics!

    Nice sign.

    Nasty hole.

    "The TW may be slow, but the Earth is patient" - MK

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    Such a wash really isn't a problem. Pretty simple, actually. 30mph and fly across. Seriously. Any wash to narrow to ride in and out can be jumped. The right hand side looks not to steep, assuming from the direction the bikes are facing that is the exit side.

    If you're not up for that, or terrain does not allow sufficient speed, approach nearly parallel to the edge very slowly and pop the front end up as it runs out of real estate, just enough the bike stays level, grab the clutch and both brakes between when the rear wheel rolls off the drop and when it touches the bottom. You'll come to an immediate complete stop with compressed suspension. As the suspension rebounds, shift body weight aft and towards the exit side while yanking hard on the handlebars to pull the front end up and around to the exit direction. Once the front tire is pointed the right direction, shift weight forward and go hard. It'll all be over in about 3 seconds, and you never have to take your feet off the pegs.

    The key is using spring rebound and body weight together to toss the bike around.

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    thanks for the tips qwerty.. Ill have to try that next time. If i wouldn't have tried to brake (and we all know the TW brakes are awful) i probably would have made it.. oh well. live and learn.

    I ordered an universal led taillight for 12$ off ebay.

    handle bars are tweak but not enough to worry about replacing.. yet.

    float - still have to fix

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