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    The T-Dub is one of those little bikes you very quickly grow to love. ITs small, nimble, and seems to make it anywhere. Today I was up driving up runoffs aka rivers, through extremely rough technical terrain, giant puddles, snow and just about everything you could throw at her. As i plan on doing weekly rides i figured I would post pics from some of my journeys.

    The first pic is actually a snowmobile cabin from last weeks ride but its a cool pic to start off the thread

    Inside of the snowmobile cabin.

    This cabin is an amazing little rest stop and is complete with a pick nick table on the desk, solar powered stereo and a bbq! perfect spot for lunch.

    Today was more of a wild life trek, within the first hour i had seen a wild turkey, peacock, a bear and 2 pissed of badgers (they must have not liked getting their picture taken because they had a very mean hiss!) For the record.. they also have very long mean looking claws.

    I heard rumors of another cabin way up top of one of the mountains.. I was determined to find it.

    riding up streams, and through snow (it was way up!)

    And finally made it (after driving through bolder filled streams)

    They even have a couch!

    I put on many miles today and should have taken more pics, but a few of the highlights to get things rolling

    And to finish off the day, one of the best washroom views i have ever seen!

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    Lol. They do look pissed off! Have never seen one in the wild. Very cool.
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    You must have interrupted the badgers doing something sneaky or something. Otherwise they wouldn't have been so mad! Giggle. Looked like a very adventurous day's ride.

    Pretty well outfitted hunting cabin's, but I guess they need to be as it looks like it gets a bit cold up yonder.

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Great pics

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