Dual Sport Ride
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Thread: Dual Sport Ride

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    Dual Sport Ride

    The first weekend in November is the 2 day Hammer Run Dual Sport ride in Vineland NJ. The past 2 years I did it on a KTM 200. Love love love that event. Nearly 200 miles total of hardcore enduro event trails (sand whoops and trees 29" apart)with minimal road sections for a dual sport ride. Through some misfortune I had to sell the KTM . I hate to miss this ride and I'm thinking of taking the TW. I was beat up riding a full dirt bike after the event in the past. I can't imagine what I'll feel like on the little piggy TW. Last year I saw someone on a TW and I thought to myself, "God Bless Him" I sure would like a good shock to attempt crazieness like this. Has anyone ridden organized Dual Sports on their TW here? I guess I can always ride the road back to the truck if I decide enough is enough
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    I have done a few and rode with others that did it often. The issue I had, was keeping pace with the guys I went with. Both the distance and terrain would have been OK at a more reasonable pace (all were on 250 2 stroke or 450 4 stroke MX bikes). When I lived out west one of the ride leaders used a TW all the time and kept a very fast pace, but he was a former pro rider
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    I’ld say since it is a fun run rather than a competition event why not give it a try?
    From looking at videos the TW’s comfortable 200 mile pace will be far off that of the pack's but who cares? Just pull over frequently.
    Carry a spare mirror for crashes, or just listen for approaching overtakers.
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    Duel snort ride are fun , especially if you snort the right stuff during the ride.
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    Thanks for the support. I think if I can rewire my brain into accepting I'm on a 260 lb bike with low power and poor suspension I can have a lot of fun. Id like to find someone else who has a TW to ride with
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    Hmmm, sounds like fun.
    "Finishing" would be more important to me that winning points or speed.

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