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    Now that I got 'er ready to go, I had my first TW trail experience yesterday. My wife, sister, brother in law, niece(12), nephew(8), and I went to the hills for a day of play. Nothing too severe, just some relatively easy riding. I'm the most experience of the bunch, having ridden street bikes for years, but I haven't been off road in 20 years or so. With the exception of my sister, none of the others have been off road, and she was 20+ years ago as well.

    What we had to ride:

    1996 TW200

    1997 Honda Foreman 400 4-wheeler

    1978 Honda XL175

    We're lucky in that we know someone with property near Crystal Mountain, Colorado, so we have a good staging point. Our first ride started out with brother in law on the 4-wheeler, in the lead, sister on the XL175 riding drag, and me with my niece on the TW. We started up what was a relatively easy road. It quickly got more difficult. I glanced in my mirror at one point and noticed my sister wasn't coming up the hill. When I got to the top I looked back to see her sitting on the grassy bank above the road. I turned around and went back down. She said, "I was coming up the road and, next thing I was up here with the bike on its' side." She had, at least gotten it back upright. Once she got stopped, she decided the hill I had just gone up was too hard for her. When I looked back up the hill I thought, "That looks a lot more difficult than it seemed when I was going up."

    I decided to go back up, sans niece, to let my brother in law know that we were turning around.

    The road, at this particular hill, split into two different tracks around a clump of trees. The first time I took the right fork, the second time I took the left. Right at the top there was a large rock embedded in the right side of the road. I hit a rock on the left that kicked me slightly to the right. My right foot peg smacked the large rock. TW went mostly over to the left with me standing straddling it, both hands still on the grips. Picked TW back up and continued to the top of the hill.

    We came back down the hill and parked on a somewhat level spot below where my sister had "stopped". We walked back up and my brother in law proceeded to try and remove my sister's bike. He managed to get it back on the road and back down to where we had parked. My sister and I, walking down the road, saw him go down in the road. Quick tip: Loose gravel, front brake only, and a side slope don't mix. He dropped the bike on its' right side and broke the front brake lever. I got to ride the XL out while my sister rode TW. By the time we got back to the house she had decided she wants a TW, too.

    Most of the rest of the day I was riding either the niece or nephew on the back. I did, however, get to spend some time one-up. During these times I tried to find the practical limits of my skills, as well as the TW capability. I didn't get to discover either, but I am very impressed with the TW. I rode up more than one hill that, from the bottom, I thought, "This is the one. I either dump the bike or spin out." Neither ever happened. Give it gas and the TW just goes. I found myself picking the hard route up hills, steepest, rockiest, in any way more difficult. I never had a problem.

    So, what I'm trying to say, in a rather long-winded fashion is, I love my T-Dub. It's an awesome bike.

    Thanks for listening/reading.

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    Sounds like a great day K! Way to go, getting out and finding the edge . . ..

    I also find the TW adds up to more than the sum of it's parts. They are great bikes.

    "The TW may be slow, but the Earth is patient" - MK

    "If I'm wrong, and it turns out that you hate it, I'll send you all my Barry Manilow albums." LB

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    Are you talking about the Crystal, CO near Marble and Redstone? There is (or used to be - been awhile since I've been there) some awesome riding in that area such as Schofield pass betweem Marble and Crystal and then from Crested Butte, up and over Pearl Pass to Ashcroft, and finally, from Ashcroft up and over Taylor Pass. My memory of Pearl Pass is that it is rougher than Imogene, yet similar in some ways. On Schofield you would not want to mess up and end up in the river.

    That is a very beautiful area - especially the Crystal River running beside Schofield Pass. Of course I guess that area is way more popular now than it used to be.


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    I'm talking about Crystal Mountain near Fort Collins. I haven't been up Crystal Mountain road yet, but hear it's a nice ride. There's also a single track motorcycle only trail over Donner Pass that I need to take some day. It's a pretty nice place for a day's riding.

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