TW200 Coast to Coast and Home Again
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Thread: TW200 Coast to Coast and Home Again

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    TW200 Coast to Coast and Home Again

    I have not been a very active member here, but I have been a TW owner for about a year now. I thought you might be interested in the adventure I took on my TW.

    On May 30, 2017, I left my son's house near Easton, Maryland, headed for Andrews, North Carolina and the beginning of the Trans America Trail.

    After four days, I blew a piston and came back home to Lexington, Kentucky, to get the bike repaired. Then because of an illness and other trips, I did not resume the trip until September 3.

    I am a beginning off road rider, and I was riding alone. So I did not do the whole TAT, but I did much of it through North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Colorado. I finally gave up and stuck with the pavement.

    On September 25, I made it to Port Orford, Oregon. Then I had to "commute" back home to Lexington, some 2600 miles.

    I made it home on October 9. For me, it was a really big adventure.

    I kept a blog at another site. I didn't post here because I was a little embarrassed about my lack of experience. Still am. But if you are interested in reading all about it, you can go to my blog at:

    Of course, such blogs are chronological so if you want to start at the beginning, click on the menu at the right and go to the August 31 post and work up from there.

    I have enjoyed lurking on this forum for most of this past year and appreciate all that I have learned here. Your expertise was very helpful to me on my trip.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meanderings View Post
    For me, it was a really big adventure.
    For ANYONE it would be a really big adventure. Congratulations and well done.

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    Congratulations Mickey!

    No need to be embarrassed, you are certainly now more experienced than 90% the people on this forum.

    What's next?


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    You Da Man!!

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    That's great, I wish I was along.
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    You, my friend, officially have experience. Gonna check out your blog. Cheers
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    An enjoyable read.
    You have done something that I only planned, but never did.

    In 1967, after getting orders to South East Asia, with 30 days leave, plus a few days air travel time, I intended to ride a 1967 Honda CB160 from McGuire AFB in New Jersey to the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, but a ride around Long Island ended my ownership, before that trip.

    Double congrats for the round trip!!!
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    A great read and even a better adventure....good on you!
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    Impressive trip! Welcome from Groton, NY!
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    Welcome!!! What an awesome trip!!! Of course posting on this site opens up lots of questions. congratulations on completing the trip most of us only dream of. You rock!!

    '13 TW200

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