First trail ride in my new to me tdub
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Thread: First trail ride in my new to me tdub

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    First trail ride on my new to me tdub

    So, three weeks ago I found this clean 2012 and couldn't be more excited to ride it. The next day did the basic service and started riding around town with a grin on my face. So much fun!

    The next Friday night I get a text from another member who I met through a landcruiser forum. GCRAD1 is going on a run on our local mountains here in Orange County. Sounds awesome but I don't have that much experience riding a dirtbike. Used to be a quad guy years ago (Honda trx450) but it's just not the same. I know he is a very experienced rider and can run a hundred miles no problem. Me on the other hand don't even know if i can run a few miles but he agrees to take it easy on me .

    We met at a gas station a a few miles from the trailhead and everything is going great until five minutes after we hit dirt. Out of nowhere the front tire slides from under me and I'm laying on the very rocky terrain thinking "great! This will be a long day. After I get myself together and lowered the air of the Death Wing, ( think that is the model of the tire) Rodney comes back to check on me and although I'm pretty sore, I think I'm more embarrassed for not even getting to the 10 minute mark before crashing.

    After that and trying to chose a better line the rest of the time we make it to Santiago peak at 5000 feet and the view is amazing. You can see Catalina Island, downtown LA and Riverside County from the heart of Orange County.

    I was having a blast and we decided to go down the other side into lake Elsinore in Riverside and then back up on a trail that Rodney recommended and I didn't even know existed. It was a blast and had some very rocky and at time very treacherous terrain at pretty much the limit of my abilities but luckily didn't go down again.

    At the end of the day we rode pretty much 100 trail miles.

    Here are some more shots of the trails. (Rodney took the ones of me). Thanks for making me look like I know what I'm doing.

    We are very lucky to still have a place like this to ride in Orange County. Although there are people that don't understand this and leave their trash everywhere. Whenever we come up here with the family we pick up a full bag of trash. :/

    Can't forget the pit crew!

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    your sons look eager to ride.
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    Great pics and nice story about your first ride and the crash. Hope you didn't do much damage but did decide to replace the front tire. Lots of much better options than the Death Wing and depending on the normal terrain you ride should be the determining factor. Shinko makes a couple good ones and some others here have found good substitutes as well so do some research and maybe even your ride guide for this day has something better on his. 100 miles on trails like yours screams a nice Seat Concept upgrade from Placerlaod here. Bark busters, nicer handle bars like the Pro Taper ATV High bars make a big improvement and allow you to stand on the pegs in a more upright position. 100 miles is about the max limit with fuel so I hope there was a fill up somewhere along your trip.

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    Glad you enjoyed it and had someone to show you around. Love the pictures. Good times.

    P.S. When I'm riding alone and crash (hypothetically ) I look around to see if anyone saw me. We all share the embarrassment factor to some degree.
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    Great ride and especially last picture.

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    What a wonderful story for a first trail ride, well told with lots of nice pictures too! Your buddy really took you on a good first adventure.
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    What a great introduction to TW riding. A good long ride with nice scenery, and you got that first mop-out out of the way
    John in Nanaimo

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    Yes nice pics of a great ride. I or we need to come up there and ride with you guys. It’s about 2 hrs away from us.
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    Great report and pics!
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    Forever grateful for all your help brother
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    Quote Originally Posted by GaryL View Post
    Great pics and nice story about your first ride and the crash. Hope you didn't do much damage but did decide to replace the front tire. Lots of much better options than the Death Wing and depending on the normal terrain you ride should be the determining.......


    Thank you. Result of the fall were a couple of good size bruises and the bike has a couple scratches and a bent front brake lever. I'm looking at hand guards but can't decide on which ones yet. The seat was surprisingly comfortable however we spent most of the time standing up. (Legs were dying the next day). Once we made it over to the other side of the range in lake Elsinore which is technically half of the trip we got to fuel up. It's a perfect all day trip although Rodney could probably have done it in less time.
    Can't wait to take the little beast out again.

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