Searching for that Fishin' Hole
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    So this week I've been running around the Tug Hill and Black River area of northern New York looking for a better fishing hole. Seems all the rivers are running a little low, but I'll keep looking.

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    Man, I gotta say I'm awful jealous of all of that live water, even though I sure don't miss all of the rain that makes it possible!

    That said, low water makes for better fishing than high water as I recall from my youth. I'd rather sneak a fly across a surely-guarded hole than try to coax the fish out of the flooded high ground.

    Either way, best of luck to you keeping the fish biting and the rubber side down!

    Thanks for the pics.
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    That looked like a fun ride. Love the pictures!
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    I grew up in Lake Placid NY. I have fished some of the Tupper Lake area in my younger days but never the Black River. It brings back memories of years gone by. Great pictures. The last time I fished up north, I fished the Saranac River in Saranac Lake. I also fished the Saranac River near Plattsburgh not long ago. The Ausable River is still my favorite. I grew up on the headwaters of the West Branch of the Ausable. It used to be a great brook trout stream and had a native population of brown trout. The upper stretches have suffered from acid rain over the years. The state still stocks lots of big browns from Lake Placid downstream to Wilmingon. Easy access and lots of fishermen make catching them difficult at times.

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