Hollister Hills OHV
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    I finally went to Hollister to try out my goggle cam and ended up going down a trail that if I knew what it was like wouldn't have gone but after having done it I think I will try it again. It wasn't so bad.

    When I play back the video on my computer or make a DVD it is very clear. When I uploaded to Photobucket and played it back it wasn't so good. Any suggestions? What am I doing wrong?

    BTW, I really like single track riding on my TW. Relatively slow pace and easy riding. I go in the middle of the week to avoid the crowds.

    Edit: Post 12 (scroll down) has better YouTube version.

    Click on picture to play video.

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    It might just be Photobucket and not you. I just read a post where a member advised using YouTube for that very reason.
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    My thought is, the Photobucket download is at very low resolution. Not sure how that is controlled exactly. Most to the time on You Tube, my videos play at 420 (?) and that seems ok. Visually 320 is pretty marginal and likely that is what Photobucket defaults to. Watching your video from a DVD or plugged into your tv is WOW, just like being in the movies. HD is crystal clear but takes longer to download and of course requires more memory. It gets easier the more you do, but I am still 'light-years' away from Mr. Bigwheels presentations.

    Looked/sounded like you had a nice ride. I was kind of surprised that an area that dry would be open. Perhaps it was the camera lens that made it appear you were a lot closer to the grass than you were as the trails looked very narrow. Liked it when you made a few sounds yourself. Kind of completed the vision of 'man and machine enjoying the great outdoors'. Thanks..... Gerry
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    I've been to Hollister a couple times, what trail is that?

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    Great video, I would not see much with that narrow single track! I would be staring at the track the whole time.

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    Great vid. Thank you. Did you go back up it or??

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    Cool video.Nice trail...not much room for error!
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    Nice vid Tony. Glad the goggles worked out. I was waiting for your first video. Like others have said, try uploading to you tube and then post it here and we can see the difference.
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    Fun! I've been meaning to try Hollister but a bit far away for a day ride. Would need to camp over and heard they have hot showers.
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    That looked like a fun single track trail and the video goggles seemed to do a pretty good job. I had ridden some minor and short distance single track before, but earlier this year Ron in Boise introduced me to some more strenuous single track trails that took a good bit of concentration. In the beginning my pucker factor was pretty high, but I started to get the hang of it and enjoyed most of what the trails have to offer. However, there are always those difficult part of the trails too!

    Like some others have mentioned, my experience with the quality of video loaded in photobucket is not good. Though it has taken a bit to figure out, I started a youtube account and that seems to help with the quality a lot.

    Thanks for sharing
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