Great Ride - Almost get killed in the end
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    Went on a great 80 mile trail ride today, through the Allegheny National Forest in PA. Found a nice un-posted power line to ride for a couple miles:

    Then on our way home a limb was blown out of the tree tops and came crashing down just missing my cousin, bouncing off the pavement and hitting me in the head and left shoulder shattering my mirror. It pealed my left side back onto the rear fender but I was able to get the bike under control and come to a stop. I hit the limb at about 45, just missing the front of my bike and my chest, spinning it off to the side of the road:

    If I had hit it with the bike or in the chest it would have put the bike down hard. I'm so glad I had my helmet on, my head was ringing for a couple hours afterwards. If I wouldn't have had my helmet on I think it would have killed me. I can't lift my left shoulder right now, but I'll live. Always wear your helmet, you never know when something will try to kill you!!!

    All-in-all it was pretty lucky it didn't wreck me or destroy the bike.
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    Wow! That was a close one. I almost got hit in the head by a bird today, but that is nothing compared to what you got. Good riding!

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    a widowmaker if i ever saw one.... it wasn't your time. ride on!
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    Holy! Glad to hear you weren't seriously hurt. Hope your shoulder and head feel better soon.

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    Whoa...too close for comfort. glad you are OK.

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    Wow, that is a big limb. Good to hear you'll be okay!
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    WHEW! Good ride up to that point.
    Hidden Content A ride in the woods helps me relax and release tension. The fact I'm dragging a body should be entirely irrelevant?

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    its nice to ride up there.. just a fyi.. dont let the forestry service catch you on the power lines.... unless there is a road.. if there is no road and you are on the power lines you will be fined and they can impound your bike we have seen it happen before. there are plenty of legal roads to travel on up there being you have a plate.

    and under regulations

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    Where did you get the folding mirror?


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    how scary! still got some life in ya

    , go get some gas! pin it to win it!!! haha
    "Peace be the journey"

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