Oct 20 - Cape Breton, Lewis Mountain
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    Some pics of me running my TW with three ATVs (the three ATVers being my father, uncle, and brother). It was my first real off-road test of the TW and I had a blast!

    First the four-hour haul to get there:

    Loaded Up by MacFadyen, on Flickr

    Group shot at the start:

    Uncle Dougie, Dad, James, and me by MacFadyen, on Flickr

    They mocked and said I wouldn't make it through:

    Me by MacFadyen, on Flickr

    An old blueberry farm:

    Blueberry Farm by MacFadyen, on Flickr

    The boiler from an old sawmill:

    Old Boiler by MacFadyen, on Flickr

    More muck:

    Slowly getting through the muck by MacFadyen, on Flickr

    Coming down:

    Me and Dad by MacFadyen, on Flickr

    Still more muck:

    Me by MacFadyen, on Flickr

    The leaves are turning:

    James by MacFadyen, on Flickr

    And finally the DualSportMaps link for any who are interested: http://www.dualsportmaps.com/?link=106787

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    Nice pictures......... And here I posted a day or two ago that the stock front tire presented some issues in mud. You must be the "Master of Muck" (). That was some ride, great Fall color and almost bottomless puddles. The clean-up likely took as long as the adventure. Thanks for sharing. Boy, that was major mud. Gerry
    Take care my Friend.........

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    I see you made it from one muck puddle to another, so the TW must have doen well enough to keep the "ATV TW doubters" at bay with their coments!

    Very beautiful country around there! Thanks for sharing.
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    Great pictures! Looks like a wet good time! that's more water than I see in a year.

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    Looks like you had a muddin' good time with your family! That's some big puddles right there! You did good if you made it through all those without tipping over or drowning the bike. Beautiful shot of the fall colors, and I liked the picture of the sawmill boiler, too. The map link is pretty cool, also. Looks like some remote country. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.
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