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    Like B-dub, Had yesterday off and nice weather so what to do? Headed out close to noon so wasn't too cold. High was about 60 degrees so light gloves, thermals, jacket and was nice and warm for the ride. Rode past the tiny town of Guinda up Capay valley and saw two other dual sport bikers kicking back at the general store. Waved as I rode by. Took a turn and crossed the Rumsey bridge to ride the dirt county road. Saw sign that said "road closed seasonly". Locked gate and no way to get around it....crap! Back to highway 16 and those two other riders whizzed on by. Rode to low water bridge and while airing down tires talked to those riders. One was from Vacaville and the other PA. Damn, Did he ride that big BMW 650 all the way here? forgot to ask. They went ahead but I caught up later and we chatted some more at the main intersection on top of the ridge. The rider from Vacaville (suzuki 650) had only been thru here once about a year ago so told him about all the areas around here to ride. Off they went back to Vacaville and I rode to Bucks island for nice lunch at Cache creek. No fun wildlife sightings this time but fun to finally get out and ride again! Love my new cyclerack rear rack. Next on list is ditch front deathwing tire for kenda or shinko and replace really stiff fuel petcock that have already tried cleaning. Ran out of fuel about a mile from Woodland and was a bitch trying to get it turned to reserve while still riding.

    Mike Carter. Woodland, California (NorCal). '89 Tw200 (Black Widow Edition). Blood red Jimbo shield, Cycleracks, Nuvi 500 GPS, Kolpin fuel pack jr., D shield bark busters, 55t rear sprocket, Golden boy front tire, Ricochet shield.

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    looks like a nice day for a ride...thanks for sharing

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    I remember the days when there were no gates -- just signs saying "at your own risk". And I know about difficult situations and having to switch to reserve -- get it fixed for that one time when you need to switch RIGHT NOW!

    I have 2 TW's and a DR650 and this year I am putting miles on them.
    Long live the internal combustion engine!

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    Sounds like you had a good time! Thanks for sharing it with us. I hate those locked gates too!
    My handle is B-dub, I ride a T-dub, and drive a V-dub.

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    At least you got out to ride, gates or no gates.

    Up here, of the roads that are seasonally closed, most are to protect the critters and their young. A few others, like the Danskin OHV area, are closed for a short period in the spring so we don't tear up the trails.

    P.S. looks so warm!
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