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Thread: Admirals House Warming & TW Ride Gathering June 13-15

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    Thank you but I will be out of town - and I don't want you two to have to move again - like you did after I found your last house!

    Besides: 1) If I ate dinner first...I would be too full -and- 2) If other people were present...I would have to share ---- so I wouldn't be able to eat BOTH PIES !!!
    Dessert is my favorite meal!
    Everyone have a great time.
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    I'm bringing another pie so no worries....fresh baked blueberry last night
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    You can't trick me Fred.

    Possibly my biggest disappointment was at Joemama's Ride From Hell.

    After we got back to camp - I found out that Sue of SanDue didn't bring one of her famous Peach pies.

    Having heard of them; that was my biggest reason for making the 600+ mile trip.

    As stated above: Dessert IS my favorite meal!

    And Sue - you did a fabulous job on that ride ------ no matter what Dan keeps saying!. Oops; better hide the frying pan Dan, that Sue keeps hitting you with.........

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    How many more times is The Ride From Hell going to be mentioned? Must have been memorable. I would say let's do it again but the forest is going to be closed for another two years.
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    Good; tough; hard; exhausting; 11 hour rides in 90+* temps should never be forgotten! Twas only physically drainingly and memorably surpassed by a long demanding Moab ride (Gold, Golden, Poison).

    Hhmmm; getting back on track to the current topic; but still referencing tackling tough trails --- Is Admiral gonna take anybody on the infamous "16 to 1" trail?

    That may not be the correct name - but you'll know what I'm talking about!
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    Bound to - I think that's where the latest bodies are ....
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    Having fun yet?
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    Hi everyone. I broke a yoke which in turn busted up my front differential on my main work truck. I (and my elk burgers) are unfortunately stuck in Boise working through the weekend. I am really bummed out. Have fun and ride safe. Cheers to all and hope to catch up soon!
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    Dang, no Elk Burger

    Since we're still in riding mode and not photo editing mode I don't have much to post but thought I'd post a couple from the first two days.

    Day 1 crew out on the trail at the lunch spot. (L-R, Plumbstraight, ejfranz, Mrs. Admiral, Fred, bvannoy, gfbvannoy)

    A few of us detoured on an ATV trail before meeting up with everyone else for lunch

    ATV trail exit

    Evening social hour (L-R, ejfranz, Fred, Mrs. Admiral, bvannoy, gfbvannoy, plumbstraight)

    Day 2 One of the easy trails

    More easy trail

    Thank goodness dust wasn't a problem

    Evening crew (L-R, ejfranz, RockyTFS, gfbvannoy, bvannoy, Fred, Mrs. Admiral, Jeff)

    We got to bed well before midnight I promise. Well, maybe not!

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    Was a great time. Lori has made a nice nest of the home and you are made to feel right at home with them. The shop was also a building to drool over. Was nice to come in after a days riding to kick back on the veranda overlooking a nice draw behind the house and see a buck deer grazing across the other side.

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