If you were riding your TW from Mammoth to Victorville on dirt roads......
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Thread: If you were riding your TW from Mammoth to Victorville on dirt roads......

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    If you were riding your TW from Mammoth to Victorville on dirt roads......

    about 300 miles on dirt roads...and had about 700 dollars to spend to modify your stock bike...what would you do?

    I am going to make this trip in April with a 2018 stock TW. I am going to take about five days with one night in a motel and the rest out in the desert. I have been driving these roads in a truck for the past 20 years and know them well but this will be the first time on a bike.

    Thanks for any input.

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    I would at least get a Seat Concepts seat for comfort, and a Cycleracks rack for your camp gear.
    Other common mods are Bar Risers, Wider Foot Pegs, Shinko Trials Tire up front, MSR fuel canister, etc.
    I'm sure you can equip the bike with all the comforts & must have mods for $ 700.

    I have ridden my TW quite a bit around the Eastern Sierras, and I think you should have no problem making the trip from Mammoth to Victorville, especially in 5 days.
    I'm sure you will need to hop on the 395 here and there, but since you already know many of the dirt roads, you should have no trouble navigating the route, to stay on dirt as much as possible.

    I live in SoCal, but truck the bike 300 miles up to Big Pine, Bishop, Toms Place, Benton, etc, for base camp, and ride around from there.
    Have done a few 150 Mile + days on the TW up there. I try and stick to dirt, & back roads as much as possible, but have no problem jumping on the Hwy for short jaunts.
    The TW can cruise 55-60 on the Hwy, and when cars come up and start riding my a**, I just move over toward the shoulder and wave them past.

    I've considered riding to Mammoth from Orange County, but I just wouldn't want to ride all that hwy, and it would take so long on dirt roads, I just don't have that much free time.
    Id rather truck the bike up there, park the truck in a safe place, and spend more time exploring the area and camping off the bike for a few days.
    My next trip will be up to Papoose Flats and Coyote Flats.
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    I am going to truck the bike the Mammoth and then come back down. The only place I will be on 395 is by Crowley Lake for about 3 miles or less. I will be on the 190 and the 136, but they are much less traveled. I am going to go down to Big Pine, through the Saline Valley, to Cerro Gordo, Darwin, then Ballarat, Trona and finish at the Joint in Randsburg. At least that is the plan! Thanks for the advice.
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    Austin Tx
    Sounds like a blast! We don't really have anything like this in Texas. Too much private land

    Get those oversized pegs for sure, some hand guards, and a rack ... make sure you have a skid plate too. Other than that, I imagine you'll be dandy.

    Have fun and be safe.
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    Oh man,
    You boys are tearing me apart. I grew up in San Diego and, my family did short, about a week long, vacations in the Sierras from when I was about 5 to 10 years old. Then they just stopped. But, I've been back several times since. When young, we camped a campground called "Chris Flats", about 20 miles up 395 from Bridgeport. I learned to fish in the west Walker river. We've been to all those towns you mentioned, Bishop, Lone Pine, Bridgeport and all in between quite a few times. The wife and I have camped in the Mammoth area and, in the June lake loop, several times. We really like Silver Lake, at the bottom of the loop. We've done some Jeeping in the Mammoth and areas around the June lake loop, all the way over to Lee Vining. We've also camped above Toms place in campground called East Fork. Then we'd take a ride to Rock Creek reservoir.

    We'd also do North Lake, South Lake and Lake Sabrina. I'm itching to get back. Hey, just in case you get a chance, depending on the snow level and time of year, take a morning or so and, do the Laurel lakes run. It's about a few miles south of Mammoth, just off the 395, on the same side of 395 as Mammoth. We've done it twice with the Jeeps. On a TW, you've got a bit of a challenge for sure. But, it's a great little run. I'd really like to see a map of your run from Mammoth to Victorville.
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    Make sure to take an extra headlight bulb. Bouncing around off-road is not good for them.

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    I'd ensure my personal safety gear is complete and then spend the rest on reliability and comfort upgrades. In that order.
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    Pegs 20$
    Banshee shock 100 heavier spring 120
    Risers 20
    Wider bars 40
    Tire front?
    Msr 10 l fuel bladder 50
    Front and rear racks
    Kick start

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    Bigger tank,rack,47 or 45 t sprocket, oring chain aluminum bars
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    Quote Originally Posted by ECVMatt View Post
    about 300 miles on dirt roads...and had about 700 dollars to spend to modify your stock bike...what would you do?
    Seat Concepts, risers, bigger pegs, CycleRack, and above all REPLACE THE DEATH WING WITH A SHINKO 241!!!!
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