First Off Road Ride - logged about 60 miles
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Thread: First Off Road Ride - logged about 60 miles

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    First Off Road Ride - logged about 60 miles

    Took my TW off road for the first time over the weekend (I've only had it about a month). My daughter and I went to Mountain Ridge ATV Park in Central City, PA with some friends. I caught a little video of the ride. The camera angle wasn't great and sun/dust combination didn't help with the footage. As such, I just created a short collection of clips using the GoPro Quik editor. I may try another video at some point in the future.

    I also made a couple observations. I welcome your thoughts on these.

    1. On a few occasions, I felt what seemed like a loss of power. My first thought was tire scrub/slip caused by dry loose ground, bouncing, etc. Then it wondered if this was a product of the carb being jetted too lean. It felt more like power loss than tire slip for sure.

    2. After a break, I jumped on the bike, pulled the clutch in, and hit the start my surprise the bike lurched forward. It was in gear, but I was surprised this happened with the clutch in. Maybe I need to make an adjustment there?

    3. The suspension was surprisingly okay. Although I did find the bottom on several occasions, it wasn't near as rough overall as I expected. I can definitely see the benefit of upgrading the springs and may explore that at a future date.

    4. The power was okay as well. I was a little worried because the previous owner changed to a higher gear ratio for on road riding. I was a bit worried about the TW's ability to pull up hill. Overall, it did fine. I did get stopped on a fairly steep spot of a hill when I hit some rocks and my boots bumped the bike into neutral. I tried several times to get restarted and was really struggling with the lose of traction and power to get me going from a cold stop. Thankful a more experienced dirt biker met me on the hill and got the bike to the top. Outside of that, I had no problems...of course, I avoid steep hills the rest of the day.

    Overall, I had a blast on the TW. Definitely looking forward to doing it again.
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    Awesome. Fun times ahead I'm sure!
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    Fun fun times.

    The issue you experienced with the bike lurching forward is fairly normal. I reached out regarding the same thing when I first got mine. It's very common, though normally when the engine has been warmed up/used, it's less likely to happen. Just have to kind of pull the clutch in and move the bike forward/back a few times, or just give it gas and go!

    I'm about to adjust my gearing to 15x50 from 14x50 ... roughly a 7% difference in torque/speed (increase in speed % slightly). It shouldn't really make a difference in going up since the TW has that giant tire! What is your gearing set to?

    So, the TWs come from the factory/dealer running lean, so it's definitely possible that if you're going up in elevation, you're experiencing a loss of power. I adjusted my main just from stock. I'm going to be adjusting my pilot jet as well, and the factory setting for the air/fuel mixture screw is generally low as well. Recommendation is 2.5ish turns, and most come from factory with closer to 1.5ish I believe.

    Glad you had a good time on your first off-road outing. I am new to off-roading as well, and have had a blast learning and riding on dirt/rock trails so far!
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    Nice little video. These are great bikes to get out and have fun with family and friends. Going again next weekend?
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    check your clutch spring down on the left side...most of them are not properly engaged, even fresh from a dealer....
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    I'd definitely suggest riding it a few more times before buying all kinds of things you will read about.
    Nice video!

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