Watch Dis Chit...Episode ll
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Thread: Watch Dis Chit...Episode ll

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    Watch Dis Chit...Episode ll

    I left this short vid embedded in its' article so you could read a bit more.

    I hope to NEVER see anything like this from any of our guys...!
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    Holy sh1t!!

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    Jarvis would have just rode it back up to the trail.

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    I see the line he wanted. He just had a bike that he had to braap his way through with, and one that could leap out of his hands. I'd try it with the tractor-like goatiness of the dub.
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    Rick Hogge says: " I wasn't going quick enough"
    Funny thing is as I was watching the whole 9 minute video and thought from the start that his tall gearing was inappropriate, if not dangerous for that trail. I like to go slow enough to maintain control.
    Our TWs, especially with modified lower than stock gearing, could manage those nasty section slow enough that the minimum speed is not so great as to rebound a bike and rider off a cliff.
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    That's the kind of shit I fear. Good thing he had water to land in...I guess! Wow!
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    Quote Originally Posted by admiral View Post
    That's the kind of shit I fear. Good thing he had water to land in...I guess! Wow!
    What he said, my first thought after the initial fall and bang against the rocks was how bad the stopping was going to be... glad it was water, saved the guy, and his bike.

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    I've ridden a converted MX bike in stuff like that and sent mine over the edge. Idaho in the sawtooths. Hit a root and the rear wheel kicked to the side wrong direction. Slid me off the saddle and my throttle hand near pegged. Luckily a bush caught my bike before it went into the water and I was able to grab a rock before going all the way to the bottom. The real problem then was that no one actually saw me, we were spaced out so each could handle the terrain without bunching up. As rider after rider rode past, I shouted without being heard. I finally realized I'd need to get up there before the last rider went through and get them to see me. Lucky for me, I did. Took a lot of rope and hands, but got my bike back up to the trail.
    I no longer ride that bike. Still have it, need to sell it. The TW200 works well as I can easily step off it, being a short bike. A big reason I do not carry cargo on my small rack off road. I carry a small backpack instead. My rescue gear stays with me!!
    Thanks for the video!
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